High School Mock Trial Program Effectiveness and Incentives

By incorporating Mock Trial in middle and high schools, students can learn about the basis of our American judicial system and the mechanics of litigation. In addition, students are encouraged to learn and understand the meaning of good citizenship in a democracy.Mock trial is exciting to share in any classroom or club, and it encourages participation, critical thinking, speaking skills and teamwork.The Mock Trial program also serves to increase cooperation, respect and support between the community and the legal profession. All participants are encouraged to keep in mind that the goal of the Mock Trial program is not to win for the sake of winning, but to learn and understand the meaning of good citizenship in a democracy through participation in our system of law and justice.  All who participate in the Mock Yrial competition are winners in this sense. 
Free Trainings for teacher and attorney coaches are provided throughout the year as online webinars and an in person training is offered in the early fall.  On-site trainings can also be scheduled at no charge.  Light snacks and lunch are provided. The LRE Division provides each team with online resources and case materials; all of which is available online at www.scbar.org/lre.  Teachers, attorney coaches, and students can participate in a threaded discussion via the Internet to discuss the current year's case. The LRE Division can provide assistance with locating attorney coaches.  
Senior High School Mock Trial students are eligible to apply for a scholarship toward their college education.  Teacher coaches implementing Mock Trial are encouraged to apply for the LRE Teacher of the Year Award,which comes with a $500 recognition award.  School resource officers implementing Mock Trial can apply for the LRE Citizen of the Year award,which comes with public recognition.  Click Here for additional information on scholarships.