Taste a Rainbow!

Watermelon, peaches, cucumbers, beans, corn, okra and more. South Carolina lawyers are lucky to live in a place that can grow a wide variety of produce most of the year. The evidence is clear, eating plants can improve the immune system; reduce risk of cancer, heart disease and inflammation; lower cholesterol; and increase overall lifespan.

During July 12-30, the Wellness Committee  invites you to live  above the bar by increasing the number of plants you eat during those weeks.

Here's how it works:

To join in the fun, count the different fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains you eat each day, and see if you can increase that daily number during the challenge. You are encouraged to eat as much of the rainbow each day this month but also focus on certain colors the following days:

July 12 — Try a RED veggie or fruit
July 14 — Think ORANGE
July 19 — Taste YELLOW
July 22 — Go GREEN on your plate
July 25 — BLUE (berries or other tasty treats)
July 30 — PURPLE is fun and flavorful

We also encourage members to share tips or photos of your gardens, trips to farmers’ markets, enjoyment of summer produce with your family and friends, or recipes, using the hashtag #livingabovethebar and tagging @scbar on Twitter, @scbaryld on Instagram, or the South Carolina Bar on Facebook!

Use the calendar below to keep track of your progress and share on your Instagram story.

Download the Taste a Rainbow calendar