Are you overwhelmed with a mountain of paperwork on your desk? Would you love to manage it more efficiently?

Many law firms today are leaning to transitioning their practices to paperless offices and saving more documents in portable document format so they can be read across different types of application software.

What resources are available in transitioning to a paperless practice? Find out more here. 

DISCLAIMER: This information (or the names of these products are) is passed along without any warranties by the South Carolina Bar as to its fitness for a particular purpose. It has not been tested by the Bar and is offered for your information only. The list below does not provide a comprehensive comparison of all  products on the market. Inclusion in the list should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation. 

List of PDF Software Products

Scan to PDF Resources

Paperless & PDF Resources

Acrobat for Legal Professionals - A blog dedicated to legal professionals wanting to learn more about Adobe Acrobat!

Paperless Chase - How to use PDFs in the practice of law - Tips & Techniques

It's Time to Make Your Firm a Paperless Practice - American Bar Association

How to Start and Run a Paperless Office - by Nerino J. Petro, Jr. - American Bar Association