It's not easy to choose a cloud storage provider for your law office. It is more difficult to decipher the terminology they use to describe their products. 

What do you need? What should you ask? Should you keep that old file server in your office? What is the right product for your office? Discover simple definitions, general product listings, resources and tips here.

DISCLAIMERThis information (or the names of these products are) is passed along without any warranties by the South Carolina Bar as to its fitness for a particular purpose. It has not been tested by the Bar and is offered for your information only. The list below does not provide a comprehensive comparison of all  products on the market. Inclusion in the list should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation. 


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Online Storage Backup Service Providers

*This is not a comprehensive list.

Mozy Pro

Carbonite for Office

Local Encryption Services

*This is not a comprehensive list.


nCrypted Cloud



Online Document Storage

*This is not a comprehensive list.









Microsoft Office 365/OneDrive for Business

Citrix Share File

BlueTie Vault

Private Cloud Options

*This is not a comprehensive list.