You may be sitting in your office wondering what backup devices and software have to do with security? As more law firms are being targeted by ransomware and other malware, it is imperative to be vigilant and back up files regularly.  Duplicate backups are a must.  A good policy is to have a physical working current backup on a hard drive (stored off-site), an additional working backup (onsite), as well as a cloud backup.

DISCLAIMER: This information (or the names of these products are) is passed along without any warranties by the South Carolina Bar as to its fitness for a particular purpose. It has not been tested by the Bar and is offered for your information only. The list below does not provide a comprehensive comparison of all products on the market. Inclusion in the list should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation. 

List of Physical Backup Products

*This is not a comprehensive list.

External Storage Devices

Backup Software for External Storage Devices, PC's, Servers, and Networks

Flash Storage
Onsite Agent-Based Backup Appliances
Cloud Backup Solutions

Cloud Backup Solutions are also becomming very popular among law firms. When selecting a cloud backup provider, make sure you know where your data is being physically stored (never use a provider that stores data outside of the United States). Also, make sure that your data is stored always in an encrypted format and that you control the only encryption and decryption key. Click the link below for more information.