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  • Productivity Tip: Managing Digital Distractions

    Today's technology contains all types of bell and whistles (including distractions, notifications, and reminders). How do you manage the constant phone calls, email and social media notifications, text messages, pop ups, etc.? This week's PMAP TECH TIP shares a few tips to help you accomplish your goals and reduce the notification noise.

    Career Changes & Issues, How To, Technology, Tools & Tricks (Apps, Sites, Shortcuts)

  • Showing Goodwill

    Do you "throw kindness around like confetti?" This week's PMAP Practice Pointer shares different ways you can show goodwill. Contact with any questions.

    Business Development, Career Changes & Issues, Lending Library, Practice Management

  • Solo & Small Firms’ Top 10 Microsoft Word “Shortcuts” for Windows Users

    Check out South Carolina Solo and Small Firms' Favorite Microsoft Word Shortcuts for Windows Users. Mac Users, don't worry! Look for your very own favorite shortcuts coming soon! Have a shortcut you think other lawyers should know about? Send to

    How To, Technology, Tools & Tricks (Apps, Sites, Shortcuts)

  • Cybersecurity Alert: All 3 Billion Yahoo! Accounts Breached

    If you have email affiliated with a Yahoo! Account, be sure to read this important alert.

    Practice Management, Technology, Tools & Tricks (Apps, Sites, Shortcuts)

  • The Importance of Returning Phone Calls and Emails Promptly

    How promptly do you return phone calls or emails to prospects or clients? Do you leave your clients hanging for a few days for a returned reply or do you quickly return them? This week's Practice Pointer focuses on a common business etiquette conundrum.

    Business Development, How To, Practice Management

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