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  • What is a LegalBoard?

    Discover more about the Legal Board in this week's prompt PMAP Practice Pointer!

    Practice Management, Technology

  • Do You Know What Ransomware Is?

    Do you know what ransomware is? Does your firm? Click here to learn more about this epidemic striking firms of all sizes all over the world.


  • Does Your Firm Have a Website?!?

    Did you know that having no website is like handing out blank business cards? If you are interested in growing your practice and attracting new clients, you need a great website!


  • How to Stay Current with so many Technology Changes

    Are you staying up to date with the latest technology news? Click the link above to learn a few easy and quick ways to accomplish that!


  • Cybersecurity Tech Tip: Heed the Warnings!

    Have you heeded the warnings this past year relating to internet attacks and law firm breaches? Now is the perfect time to start


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