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  • Social Media Collage Apps

    Solo & Small Firms - You'll LOVE this tip! Don't have the $$$ to hire a graphic designer for all your social media posts? No problem! Check out this Quick Tip from the Practice Management Assistance Program!

    Technology, Tools & Tricks (Apps, Sites, Shortcuts)

  • Have you created P@ssW0rd 1ik3 th1$ 0N3 (password like this one)?

    Did you know the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reported this week that they would be overhauling the 2003 security guidelines? What does that news have to do with your practice? Find out in this week's PMAP Tech Tip!


  • Overcoming Objections

    Do you hear the word “no” a lot or do you tell other people “no?” Sometimes that two letter word can be difficult to accept especially when you want to grow your practice. In this week's PMAP Practice Pointer, find out how to overcome the power of "no" and what resources are available to help you.

    Business Development, How To

  • How to Recover Closed Browser Tabs or Windows

    Have you ever had several tabs open in your web browser and accidentally closed one or all of them by accident? Most lawyers, paralegals, or legal assistants have experienced this dilemma at least one time in their career through an errant click of the mouse or someone unknowingly closing the browser window. But how do you recover? Find out in this week's PMAP TECH TIP. Do you have a practice management question or technical dilemma? Contact for free assistance.

    How To, Legal Research, Technology, Tools & Tricks (Apps, Sites, Shortcuts)

  • Fastcase Fast Tip: How Do I Log In to Fastcase?

    Are you a new South Carolina Bar member or are new to the Bar's legal research member benefit, Fastcase? Then this is a tip you do not want to miss! Discover more information on how to log in to Fastcase. Send questions to

    How To, Legal Research

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