The Executive Director provides leadership and management to all aspects of the South Carolina Bar’s activities.

Section 9.2 of the Bylaws outlines specific duties of the position:
• Implement the policies of the Bar as determined by the Board of Governors and House of Delegates.
• Advise and assist the officers in fulfilling the responsibilities of their respective offices.
• Report to the officers and the Board of Governors such matters as are necessary to keep them properly informed of the activities and condition of the Bar.
• Direct the preparation of and participate in the formulation of the annual budget for consideration by the Board of Governors and the House of Delegates.
• Provide staff and liaison support for all organizations and functions of the Bar.
• Employ, determine the compensation of, train, supervise, assign, manage, and discharge staff members to carry on the work of the Bar within the budget.
• Manage and maintain the Bar quarters and other property within the budget.
• Perform such other specific duties as may be directed by the Board of Governors.

In furtherance of those duties, the Executive Director must:
• Further the interests of the Bar and its members;
• Assist the leadership in developing short and long term strategies;
• Identify future leaders in the Bar;
• Establish positive relationships with the judicial, legislative and executive branches;
• Collaborate with the National Association of Bar Executives, National Conference of Bar Presidents, Southern Conference of Bar Presidents and ABA • Division for Bar Services;
• Execute contracts on behalf of the Bar;
• Ensure submission of federal and state filings, including obligations to the Supreme Court;
• Secure an annual audit; and
• Maintain the fiscal health of the Bar.
The candidate will possess an undergraduate degree.  A law or other advanced professional degree is preferred.

Personal Characteristics
• A person of unquestioned integrity whose personal values and professional passions align with the mission of the Bar.
• A distinguished record of executive leadership and successful management in a membership-supported organization.
• Respect for the dedication and efforts of all Bar members.
• Understanding and practical management of financial issues and budgets.
• Demonstrated excellent communication skills.
• Ability and desire to recruit and retain individuals with complementary skills.
• Strong personal intellect.
• Demonstrated commitment to community service.

Preferred Experience and Professional Skills
• An appreciation for emerging trends in the legal profession.
• Understanding of current and historic professional association trends.
• Ability to successfully work within the legislative process in a nonpartisan manner.
• Strong marketing instincts.
• Desire to mentor Bar staff.

To Apply
Applications will be accepted through January 29, 2018. Please submit a letter expressing interest in the position, qualifications and what you hope to contribute to the Bar’s future. Please include a resume. You will be contacted if references are sought.
Materials should be submitted electronically to in Microsoft Word or PDF format.
The Bar is assisted in the Search by George Brown of RR Consulting Group. Candidates with questions about the position may contact only him or Bob Wells.