Black Ink Technologies, LLC (BIT), operating as a Wyoming Company formed in 2019, is a technology company with a focus on incorporating technological innovations into the construction industry - one in dire need of innovation. Our primary goal is to improve efficiency and limit all stakeholder risk while improving asset quality across the construction and asset ownership/management process through the implementation of software and hardware solutions the company has developed and patented. 

We are currently looking for in house counsel to manage an existing external relationship with a patent firm and assist in the development of future intellectual property.  Duties would include but not limited to the preparation of patent, trademark, and copyright applications through interactions with company senior staff to create outlines and drafts to be sent to external counsel for finalization and filing.   Strong background in computer science and with the ability to research and then formulate narratives to support patent claims would be a primary responsibility.  The position is located in Charleston, but remote work can be arranged. 

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