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The South Carolina Bar Judicial Qualifications Committee today released its report on the qualifications of judicial candidates for selection to the South Carolina Court of Appeals, South Carolina Circuit Court, Masters-In-Equity, Family Court, and Administrative Law Court.

The report reflects SC Bar members' collective opinion regarding qualifications of each candidate. A minimum of 30 phone surveys per candidate and 15 per incumbent were completed.

The candidates are evaluated in nine categories: constitutional qualifications; mental stability; physical health; ethical fitness; character, professional and academic ability; experience; reputation; and judicial temperament. Each candidate receives an evaluation of qualified or unqualified as to constitutional qualifications, mental stability and physical health. In the remaining six categories, each candidate receives an evaluation of well qualified, qualified or unqualified.

Finally, the candidate receives an overall evaluation of well qualified, qualified or unqualified. A candidate will only receive an overall well qualified if he or she is evaluated as well qualified in those remaining six categories. If a candidate is identified as unqualified in any of the nine areas, that candidate receives an overall evaluation of unqualified.

The report has been submitted to members of the Judicial Merit Selection Commission.

As part of the judicial selection process in South Carolina, each candidate and incumbent judge is evaluated by a regional citizens review panel as well as the SC Bar’s Judicial Qualifications Committee prior to a public hearing before the Judicial Merit Selection Committee.