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Tuesday, February 6, 2018
The House Judiciary Committee met Tuesday.
Favorable Report:
H. 4478 - South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy
H. 4729 - Retail Dealer Licenses

Favorable Report as Amended:
H. 4469 - Handicapped Parking Violation Tickets

Adjourned Debate:
H. 3139 - Permits for On-Premises Consumption – Baseball Complex Biennial License
H. 3830 - Former Employees of a State Agency
S. 6 - Penalties for Mistreating Police Dogs and Horses

The Senate Judiciary Committee met Tuesday.
Favorable Report:
Workers’ Compensation Commissioner T. Scott Beck
Workers’ Compensation Commissioner Gene McCaskill
Workers’ Compensation Commissioner R. Michael Campbell II

S. 955 - Public Utilities Review Committee

Adjourned debate:
S. 954 – Public Service Commission

No Action:
S. 217 - Personhood Act of South Carolina
S. 346 - South Carolina Inclusionary Zoning Act
S. 449 - South Carolina Constitutional Carry Act of 2017
H. 3318 - Illegal Immigration Unit
S. 541 - Abuse and Neglect
H. 3865 - Pregnancy Accommodations Act

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on S. 910 met Tuesday.
Carried over:
S. 910 - Judicial Salaries

The Senate Finance Special Subcommittee on S. 725 met Tuesday.
Favorable Report as Amended:
S. 725 – Salaries of SC Constitutional Officers

Wednesday, February 7, 2018
The House General Laws Subcommittee met Wednesday.
No action:
H. 3126 – Child Custody Orders
Ben Stevens (The Stevens Firm, P.A. Family Law Center), David Shea (Shea and Barron) and Rebecca Creel (Lester & Hendrix) testified.

The Senate Banking and Insurance Subcommittee met Wednesday.
Carried over:
S. 349 – Workers’ Compensation Provisions

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