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An essential tool for members of the Bar, the South Carolina Lawyer magazine provides insightful analysis of issues pivotal to attorneys. From this page, you can locate articles, peruse past issues or simply learn more about South Carolina Lawyer, one of the finest Bar publications in the nation. Advertising information and submission requirements are also available.
The South Carolina Lawyer is looking for articles that appeal to a broad range of lawyers. To submit an article, read the Memorandum for Authors or contact Rachel Kerley.

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Members can access past South Carolina Lawyer articles through Fastcase. You may also browse the digital version of recent issues by clicking on the icon below. A listing of past articles can be obtained from the author index or subject index.

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In­sti­tu­tions and in­di­vid­u­als may sub­scribe for $24 per year, $33 per year for ad­dress­es outside the U.S. and its pos­ses­sions. Mem­bers and non­mem­bers may pur­chase in­di­vid­u­al copies for $4 each plus $1.50 postage and han­dling. Re­quests for sub­scrip­tions or back is­sues should be sent to Order Fulfillment, PO Box 608, Co­lum­bia, SC 29202.

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