SCBar // Office Systems
Office Systems
  • Office Policies & Procedures Manual (the Bar has samples and books in the Lending Library to assist you in drafting)
  • Administrative Policies & Procedures
  • Job Descriptions
  • Salaries & Benefits
  • Post all notices to employees required by Federal or State law.
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Hiring Policies (recruiting, interviewing, negotiating, etc.)
  • Orientation & Training Policies
  • Payroll Policies & System
  • Mail, fax and delivery handling system
  • Phone message system
  • Complete Computer Backup System
  • Matter Handling Policies & Procedures
  • Client Intake Form
  • Conflict of Interest System (incorporate data from previous practice or employment)
  • File Opening System (Forms)
  • Filing System
  • Client Index/Database System
  • Calendaring System & a backup (i.e.: software plus a paper calendar)
  • Statute of Limitations System
  • Accounting, Timekeeping & Billing System
  • Trust Accounting Procedures
  • Client Relations Policies & Procedures
  • Policies for Communicating Fees and Deadlines
  • Engagement, non-engagement and disengagement letters
  • Policy for copies to client and release of file at end of matter
  • Phone call return policy
  • Substantive Legal Systems
  • Checklists for all substantive law areas
  • Fee schedule for all substantive law areas

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