SCBar // 2006 Middle School Mock Trial Case Summary
2006 Middle School Mock Trial Case Summary


Sam Parker v. C.J. Calhoun

On May 30, 2005, Sam Parker was working as a pizza delivery boy/girl for the Main Street Cafe in downtown Abbeville, South Carolina.  At 10:20 pm, a delivery order was placed, and Sam set out on his bike to make the delivery.  Many storms had passed through Abbeville that evening, and the delivery presented Sam an opportunity to make a large tip. After the delivery, Sam rode back to the Main Street Cafe.  Sam decided to shorten the ride by cutting through the Court Square and biking straight to the Main Street Cafe.  However, while biking back to the Cafe, Sam was involved in an accident with the new Carolina Idol, C.J. Calhoun, and both parties were injured.  C.J. Calhoun, a native of Abbeville, had just won on a popular TV show. He/she returned to Abbeville to give a surprise performance to all his/her supportive hometown fans at the downtown Opera House. After entertaining all of his fans, C.J. Calhoun was heading towards the hotel when he/she collided with Sam Parkers bicycle and ran his/her BMW into the Court Square flagpole.  The town Sheriff appeared on the scene and completed the accident report.  However, at the present time, the Sheriff is out of the country and unable to comment on the case.  There are several witnesses to the accident, but it is unclear who is to blame for the accident and injuries.  It will be only through the trial of this case that both sides will try to understand what happened between Sam Parker and C.J. Calhoun on the night of May 30, 2005, and who is at fault.