SCBar // 2007 High School Mock Trial Case
2007 High School Mock Trial Case

State of South Carolina v. Lane Miles
The parties at "The Haunted House" were legendary at Glendon University, especially the Halloween party. Lane Miles, Shannon Phillips and Drew Harding had hosted several parties at their house on Hampton Drive over the past four years. The biggest party each year was on Halloween, when a hooded and masked figure dressed as the Grim Reaper would ominously distribute drinks to certain guests at precisely midnight. The Grim Reaper became a staple at the Halloween parties and it always seemed like one person got a little too "out of control" after the visit from the Reaper. The odd thing is, it was always the one person everyone would least expect to lose control. Nevertheless, the antics livened up the party. Little did everyone know that Lane Miles, Drew Harding and Shannon Phillips were spiking one drink during the Reaper "prank" with MDMA, an illegal drug commonly referred to as Ecstasy or X. Shannon knew where to buy the drug, Drew would make sure the mark would come to the party and Lane would dress as the Grim Reaper and make sure to give the mark the spiked drink. They would meet about a week before the party to decide who was going to get the drink.

The Halloween party on October 31, 2006, seemed to be like the last three Halloween parties at the Haunted House. At midnight, the Grim Reaper entered the main room, passed out a few drinks and then disappeared. The mark that night was Jason Richardson, a student everyone assumed to be meek and shy – a "science geek." Very shortly after drinking the cocktail, Jason suddenly and horrifically dropped dead. After his death, it was discovered that Jason, while on the surface an ordinary guy had, in reality, a very unsavory habit. After an investigation and questioning by Detective Chris Knight, Lane Miles was charged with murder. Shannon pled guilty to simple possession and serving alcohol to minors and agreed to testify for the state. Drew was not charged.