SCBar // The State v. Delphinia Rose Sweetpea
The State v. Delphinia Rose Sweetpea

The state argues that the Defendant, Delphinia Rose Sweetpea, is guilty of three crimes to include aggravated forgery by altering a birth certificate, falsifying her birth certificate and falsely pretending to be a public servant (in this case, a princess). Witnesses will testify that the Princess tricked them into believing that she was indeed a princess. Prosecution will also argue that the Prince almost married someone who claimed to be a Princess. The Defense argues that Princess Sweetpea is not guilty of the charges and that anyone could have altered the birth certificate that was left in The Castle.

The case was written for pre-school children through primary grades.  This case was written by the Maine State Bar Association in February 1995.


Princess Sweatpea  (Pictured Above)


King Kirby  (PIctured Above)

Plaintiff's Counsel

Queen Quintessa  (Pictured Above)

Defense Counsel

Nipper  (Pictured Above)


Prince Perrry  (Pictured Above)


Angela  (Pictured Above


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