Staff Listing

To reach a member of the Bar staff by phone, dial (803) 799-6653. When prompted, enter the appropriate extension referenced below.

Bob Wells
Executive Director - Ext. 144
Oversees and manages Bar operations.

Leah G. Johnson
Assistant Executive Director - Ext. 145
Oversees Membership and Communications divisions and legislative programs.

Leigh Thomas
Communications Director - Ext. 161
Oversees publications and public relations efforts; serves as managing editor for SC Lawyer and the Lawyers Desk Book; coordinates advertising for SC Lawyer and SC Bar News
Rachel Kerley
Public Relations Coordinator - Ext. 155
Coordinates various PR efforts; produces E-Blast; fills Lawyers Desk Book orders; serves as liaison to the SC Lawyer editorial board.
Kelly Phillips
Marketing Manager - Ext. 187
Markets programs and services to Bar members; identifies opportunities and avenues through which to promote CLE products and services.
Aldrena Corder
Creative Director - Ext. 162
Oversees creative development of Bar materials; designs various print and online materials.

Andrew Clemons
Communications Manager - Ext. 148
Serves as Art Director of S.C. Lawyer magazine; designs various print and online materials.

Continuing Legal Education
Terry Burnett
CLE Director - Ext. 152
Plans and oversees the operation of the CLE Division; proposes and implements policies and projects.

Marley Lybrand Douglas
Assistant CLE Director - Seminars - Ext. 123
Manages the production schedule of seminars and Bar Convention and assists with marketing efforts for the seminars programs and Bar Convention.   

Caitlin Santore
CLE Convention Manager - Ext. 130
Manages planning of the Bar Convention and selected seminars.

Cheryl Underwood
CLE Seminars Coordinator III - Ext. 133
Coordinates administration, marketing and promotion for selected seminars.

Whitney T. Prescott
CLE Seminars Coordinator II - Ext. 189
Coordinates administration, marketing and promotion for selected seminars.

Alicia Chandler Hutto
Assistant CLE Director - Publications - Ext. 119
Plans and oversees the operation of the publications department of the CLE Division.

Joanne Kelley
CLE Publications Manager - Ext. 172
Responsible for formatting publications.

Kristie Haustovich
CLE Publications Coordinator - Ext. 126
Responsible for publications order processing, invoicing, office sales and shipping; responsible for processing publications/seminar materials returns and refunds/credits. 

Jane Points
Conference Center/eCLE Coordinator - Ext. 128
Handles conference center scheduling; coordinates the production of online programs, teleseminars and webcasting.

Stephanie Mitchell
CLE Registrar - Ext. 122
Handles seminar registration, invoices, cancellations, refunds and transfers.

Robin Genovese
CLE Receptionist/Administrative Coordinator - Ext. 110
Serves as first contact with the CLE Division and provides administrative support.


Monica Briscoe
Financial Director - Ext. 143
Manages Bar accounting, payroll, benefits and grant finances.

Innis Belton 
Assistant Financial Director - Ext. 124
Maintains CLE accounting and bookkeeping.

Law Related Education

Cynthia H. Cothran
LRE Director - Ext. 153
Plans and oversees the operation of the LRE Division. Conducts teacher training workshops; coordinates Project Citizen, Law for Teachers and Supreme Court Institute; supports all LRE projects including conferences, workshops, marketing and committees.

Donald Lanier
LRE Manager - Ext. 156
Promotes training for school resource officers; oversees, Street Law, Community Works and Foundations of Democracy; supports other LRE projects in­clud­ing conferences, workshops, committees and marketing.

Marian Kirk
LRE Coordinator II - Ext. 157
Responsible for managing the production schedule of LRE trainings and competition opportunities; supports all LRE projects including conferences, trainings, competitions, committees and special grants.


Darren Logan
Technology Manager - Ext. 127
Coordinates the implementation of information systems and website maintenance.

Media Services Division

Jason Stokes
Media Director - Ext. 175
Oversees all aspects of the Media Services Division.

Warren Holland
Media Services Manager - Ext. 121
Manages all aspects of media production for seminars, distance learning, Bar functions and special projects.

Jeremy Frazier
Media Services Assistant - Ext. 159
Assists with on-site media production of seminars and distance learning and supports other media related functions.

Membership Services
Charmy Medlin
Membership Services Director - Ext. 134
Oversees the operation of the Membership Services Division; supports House of Delegates, Board of Governors and Practice and Procedure Committee; works with member benefits.

Tara Caine
Membership Services Manager - Ext. 146
Supports the Senior Lawyers Division and Memory Hold the Door Committee; serves as section and committee liaison; handles facilities management.

Donna Oelhafen
Membership Services Coordinator - Ext. 171
Primary contact for general member information—license fees, status changes, new member processing and targeted mailing information. Reviews and compiles court appointment rule information.

Libby Breitenbaugh
Membership Services Administrative Assistant - Ext. 165
Processes Bar ID cards, manages SC Lawyer subscriptions and pamphlet orders. Assists with license fee processing.  Provides general administrative support.

Juliana Sobey
Membership Services Administrative Assistant - Ext. 176
Assists with license fee processing and provides general administrative support.

Kimberly Snipes
Membership Services Coordinator - Ext. 135
Supports the Young Lawyers Division and Law Student Affiliate Division.

Kali Campbell Turner
Government Affairs Director - Ext. 170
Coordinates the Bar's legislative programs. Oversees Judicial Qualifications Committee reports and Judicial Evaluation Survey.

Lindsey Pitts
Government Affairs Coordinator - Ext. 137
Serves as legislative liaison and supports the Judicial Qualifications Committee.

Caitlin Watson
Membership Services Coordinator - Ext. 182
Provides administrative support for various sections and committees and special projects. Coordinates Leadership Academy.

J. Robert Turnbull
Lawyers Helping Lawyers Director - Ext. 181
Assists Lawyers Helping Lawyers Commission and the HELP Task Force; provides confidential service and assistance to impaired lawyers and judges.

Beth Padgett
Lawyers Helping Lawyers Assistant Director - Ext. 181

Courtney Kennaday
Director, Practice Management Assistance Program - Ext. 183
Provides telephone consultation on law practice management/administration issues; acts as liaison to Fastcase; develops practice aids; authors technology tips.


Practice Management Assistance Program Assistant - Ext. 118

Jill Rothstein
Risk Management Director - Ext. 154
Coordinates risk management programs; serves as liaison to Professional Responsibility, Ethics Advisory and UPL Committees.

Public Services

Cindy Coker
Public Services Director - Ext. 142
Directs Pro Bono Program; oversees Ask-A-Lawyer, Lawyer Referral Service, Lawyer's Fund for Client Protection, Client Assistance Program (CAP) and fee disputes program.

Joan Brown
Public Services Counsel - Ext. 138
Assists the Commission on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Board of Arbitrator and Mediator Certification with the administration of court-annexed ADR programs. Administers daily operations of the statewide LRS and LRS Online.

Rose Dean
Pro Bono Program Paralegal - Ext. 164
Responsible for intake and referral.

Debbie Morris
Special Projects Paralegal - Ext. 158
Coordinates legal clinics, Ask-A-Lawyer and other special projects.

Eileen Carrouth
Lawyers' Fund Manager - Ext. 141
Supports the Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection and the Client Assistance Program.

Michelle Dennis 
Fee Disputes Coordinator - Ext. 163
Administers the Resolution of Fee Disputes and Legal Assistance for Military Personnel programs.

Jane Manion
LRS Operator (full-time) - Ext. 136
Answers incoming lines for the Lawyer Referral Service.

Linda Ward
LRS Operator (part-time) - Ext. 139
Answers incoming lines for the Lawyer Referral Service.

Barbara Rice
Public Services Assistant - Ext. 111
Serves as Bar receptionist and provides administrative support.

Cheryl Bopp
Lawyer Referral Service/Dispute Resolution Administrative Assistant 
Serves as back-up receptionist and provides administrative support for Public Services programs.

Access to Justice Commission
Robin Wheeler
Access to Justice Commission Executive Director - Ext. 186
Coordinates the Commission's efforts to expand access to civil legal representation for people of modest means in South Carolina.


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