Suicide Prevention: Saving Lives, One Lawyer at a Time
Helen Pridgen, MSW, LMSW
Did you know that lawyer suicide rates are six times that of the general population? Lawyers are often reluctant to admit they need help, because they fear losing their license and livelihood. Characteristics of both lawyers and of the profession compound the risk factors of suicide. In a small state like South Carolina, almost all lawyers know of another lawyer who died by suicide. This presentation provides an overview of the prevalence and risk factors for depression and suicide in the legal profession, dispels popular myths, and highlights AFSP's suicide prevention research and education programs. Know the warning signs! It may help you save the life of another lawyer or realize that you yourself need help.
1.0 LEPR and SA/MH credit hour

Do’s and Don’ts for Lawyers Using QuickBooks for Trust Accounting
Lynette Benton
It’s an often-overlooked fact: QuickBooks is not specifically designed for use in law firms. Despite this fact, many small firms use QuickBooks because their accountant insists on it. For years, Lynette Benton, a QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor and consultant, has helped hundreds of attorneys use QuickBooks ethically. In this hour, Lynette will cover such important topics as setting up and using QuickBooks to maintain your client trust account records and creating reports to help you stay in compliance. Spend more time practicing law and less time balancing the books.

Your Future, Your Firm’s Future: How You Can Protect Both
Christopher J. Reilly, CFM, CRPC, ARPC
Joe Tantillo,  CFP, CRPC
Did you know that a small law firm has advantages over large firms when it comes to retirement plans?  Your firm’s retirement plan can be a useful tool to leverage your business and personal success.  Chris Reilly, Director of Retirement Plans at Merrill Lynch, will talk about how law firms can use advanced retirement plan strategies to fund buy-sell agreements, defer compensation, buy insurance, and fund business succession planning with defined benefit plans.

Once Mr. Reilly has provided some ideas on how to best structure your retirement strategies, Joe Tantillo of Merrill Lynch will discuss proper funding of your retirement plans to successfully navigate you and your family through retirement on your terms.

A Systems-Based Approach to Small Firm Practice
Dave Maxfield
Feeling disorganized? Tired of reinventing the wheel? Turn your small law practice into a well-oiled machine by applying manufacturing principles to your service business. Learn how to focus on what you do best, improve it, automate it and make it repeatable.

Follow the Paperless Road: Making the Move to a Paperless Office and the Tools and Products You’ll Need
Jewitte Dooley
Nerino Petro
This session will help those who are ready to move from paper to electronic files and those who have already started and are looking for best practices. Our speakers will cover reasons to move to a paperless office; software and hardware tools you'll need to get started; which files to start with (be ready for a surprise as it isn't where most folks start), how to find and organize your electronic files; and tools that can make storing, organizing and finding everything much easier.

10+ Things You Can Do with the Software You Already Have (or Should Have)
Nerino Petro
You probably own many software programs. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your money’s worth by using all of the features they offer? Learn things about the software you already have (or should have) that can make you more efficient and effective.

Are You Mac-Curious? If Not, You Should Be!  
Ben Stevens
If you’ve seen a Mac, own an iPhone or iPad, or been to an Apple Store, admit it… you’re at least a little Mac-Curious. If you are considering making “the switch,” this is the session for you!  Ben Stevens (a/k/a The Mac Lawyer) will walk PC users through the best hardware, software and work-flow modifications to make the transition from PCs to Macs.

Cloud Computing: The Good, the Bad & the Ethics
Nerino Petro
This program will address practical, ethical and legal considerations when selecting cloud services, including the standard of care that applies to lawyers and firms with cloud services, sample cloud services provisions to put in a client representation agreement and insight into  terms of service agreements for cloud companies.

Beyond the Basics: Tips for the Cloud-Savvy
Stephan Futeral
David Stasaitis
You know about the cloud and your practice is in it, but are you using your cloud software to its fullest potential? In this session Dave and Stephan will take you beyond the basics of practice management in the cloud and demonstrate the additional value you might be missing.

Essential Skills and Strategies for Legal Research: Using the South Carolina Bar’s Free Fastcase Benefit
Ed Walters
Legal research has moved beyond simple keyword searching.  Fastcase CEO Ed Walters will talk about the South Carolina Bar’s new, free legal research benefit, including what it covers and how to get started, as well as new tools like mobile apps, using citation analysis to find the most authoritative precedents, and data visualization for more powerful legal research. The course will offer tips for beginners, as well as strategies for power users of legal research.

Tricks, Tips and Hacks: A Few Great, Lesser-Known Tools in Fastcase
Ed Walters
You may already be familiar with the basics of legal research.  But in this session Fastcase CEO Ed Walters covers a few advanced strategies for legal research. Use mobile sync to connect your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone to your Fastcase benefit. Learn how to search all of PACER with a single search and how to get alerts when new matters are filed. Learn how to search newspapers, law review articles, forms and briefs using the South Carolina Bar’s new legal research benefit.

Amazing Apps, Practical Practice Pointers, Terrific Tech Tips & Wonderful Websites
Courtney Kennaday, Dave Maxfield, Nerino Petro, Ben Stevens, Ed Walters
You will want to stick around until the very end because each year this session just gets more amazing! Our speakers will share their favorite tips for making practicing law and getting by day-to-day in the modern world of legal technology better. The best part: these tips are easy, entertaining and a cinch to implement in your law practice!