The Three Rs: Recognition, Response and Resilience
1.0 LEPR and SA/MH credit hour
Beth Padgett, SC Bar Lawyers Helping Lawyers Assistant Director, Columbia
P. Michael DuPree, Attorney at Law, Charleston
Recent studies find that many factors in the legal profession create a poor environment for healthy living. Sadly, as many as one quarter of attorneys experience depression and/or substance use disorders. But help is available. Our speakers, a mental health educator and a lawyer in recovery, will suggest ways to stress-proof your environment and yourself. Learn how to foster personal resilience and achieve success in your legal practice.   

Moderator: Alex T. Postic, Law Offices of Alex Postic, Columbia

Finance 101: “If I knew how to do math….”
C. Mark Bokesch, Bokesch & Tipton, LLC Certified Public Accountants, Columbia
Sara Tipton, Bokesch & Tipton, LLC Certified Public Accountants, Columbia
Many lawyers master the concepts of trust accounting but remain clueless about business accounting. Our expert CPAs will help you master important concepts such as the tax and accounting implications of law firm structures, wage income vs. self-employment income vs. business income, understanding basic financial statements, accounting methods and more.   Find out what you need to know and the questions you should ask as a business owner. This session is liberal arts major approved!

Bills Out = Money In: Getting Paid
Steven J. Best, Affinity Consulting Group, Alpharetta, GA
If you would rather go to the dentist than ask your clients for money, or if you’re asking but they’re not paying, you need to attend this session. Our speaker will show you what you need to do daily to ensure you get paid, from your first meeting with the client, through the end of the case and beyond. Say goodbye to write-offs!

Solo Survival Guide: Preparing for Life’s Surprises
1.0 LEPR credit hour
David D. Cantrell, Jr., David D. Cantrell, Jr., LLC, Easley
J. Steedley Bogan
If you practice alone, you’ve probably thought about it: what happens to my practice if something happens to me? The Supreme Court recently adopted the Succession Planning rule (SCACR 1.19) to encourage lawyers to prepare written succession plans. Our speakers include a solo practitioner who successfully returned to practice following a serious illness. You know you need a plan, so come get the tools you need to start one!

Online Marketing for Beginners: How to Get Started
Steven J. Best, Affinity Consulting Group, Alpharetta, GA
Linda Farron Knapp, Knapp Law Firm, PC, Barnwell
Websites, blogs and social media sites are supplementing traditional business development methods for more and more lawyers. But it’s hard to break into this new territory if the terminology sounds like Greek to you, or you don’t even know where to begin. Our speakers, a practicing small firm lawyer and a lawyer/technology consultant, will untangle the answers to important questions, such as: what is SEO and do you need it? How do you find a website designer and what will you need to provide them to get started? What DIY options are available? How can social media sites help grow your practice? Find out whether online marketing is for you!

Moderator: Bruce L. Dorner, Dorner Law Office, Londonderry, NH

Riding the Cloud: How My Firm Uses Cloud Case Management
J. Benjamin Stevens, The Stevens Firm, P.A. Family Law Center, Spartanburg
Melissa F. Brown, Melissa F. Brown, LLC, Charleston
Dana Adkins, Dana Adkins Attorney at Law, LLC, Summerville
Following a brief introduction to cloud case management, our panel of South Carolina lawyers will demonstrate how they use the big three cloud case management software products: Clio, Rocket Matter and MyCase. Expect a good-natured contest as each panelist shows off his/her favorite product’s features. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re pondering the leap to the cloud for your firm or wanting to pick up new tips and tricks.

The 2013-14 Lawyer's Low-Budget/No-Budget Technology Survival Guide
Bruce L. Dorner, Dorner Law Office, Londonderry, NH
Catherine Sanders Reach, Chicago Bar Association, Chicago, IL

In a small practice, the difference between feast and famine can rest on choosing and deploying the right technology tools. But it’s tough when you have ribeye taste on a peanut butter budget. Our experienced presenter will deliver great low-budget/no-budget options from software to hardware, plus a raft of clever tips. It is possible to develop business and serve your new clientele on a shoe-string – you may even surpass the capabilities of much larger or more established practices!

“Help, My Computer System is Dying!” Steps to Avoid Making an Expensive Mistake
Bruce L. Dorner, Dorner Law Office, Londonderry, NH
Catherine Sanders Reach, Chicago Bar Association, Chicago, IL

Courtney G. Kennaday, SC Bar Practice Management Director, Columbia
Your server is on its last legs, your desktop computers span more than one operating system, your printer makes you curse, and your computer backup is a joke. You feel like you’re throwing money at a problem that’s not getting any better. You need to make a decision: either upgrade your hardware, or try to move to “the Cloud.” But where do you start?  In this session, our speakers will introduce you to technology planning, budgeting, and the importance of making a tech inventory. Learn how to research and weigh the options for yourself, determine if your old software will work on the new system, and find expert help when you need it. You’ll tackle your law office technology upgrade with confidence!

Acrobat: The Secret Tech Weapon You Didn’t Know You Had
Catherine Sanders Reach, Chicago Bar Association, Chicago, IL
Most law practices barely scratch the surface of one of the most powerful legal technology tools available: Adobe Acrobat (not the free Adobe Reader). Learn why every law firm needs Acrobat and how to use Acrobat to: make PDFs searchable, fill in pre-printed forms from government agencies, build electronic three-ring binders, use the Bates stamp feature, securely redact privileged and inadmissible information, and above all, how to secure your PDFs to prevent unauthorized alteration. If you don’t already have Acrobat, this session will convince you.

Practical Practice Pointers and Terrific Tech Tips
Steven J. Best, Bruce L. Dorner, Courtney G. Kennaday, Catherine Sanders Reach, J. Benjamin Stevens
We’ve saved one of the best sessions for last! Our speakers, all ABA TECHSHOW faculty alumni, share some of their favorite law office and technology tips to make your practice (and life) easier.  Don’t be surprised if they throw in some bonus fun tips too! Which takeaway will be your favorite? Join us and find out!

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