Minutes March 2014

The Tax Law Section Council met this date via conference call. Participating members included Robert E. August, Gary L. Capps, G.P. Diminich, Shawn Flanagan, W. Verne McGough, Jr. E. Marie Monroe, W. Jackson Turner-Vaught and Thomas G. Sinclair. Representing Bar staff was Tara G. Caine.

Chairperson Turner-Vaught called the meeting to order.

The first item of business was approval of the minutes from the August 28, 2013, meeting. Mr. Turner-Vaught moved approval of the minutes. Mr. Sinclair seconded the motion, and it was approved.

The next item of business was discussion the FY2014-2015 Council. It was reported that the FY2014-2015 Council roster was distributed to the members as information. Mr. Turner-Vaught asked the Council to forward any revisions to Ms. Caine.

Next was discussion on the Bar Convention. Mr. Turner-Vaught announced that the evaluation results were distributed to the Council prior to the meeting. He stated that the speakers were entertaining and informative. Ms. Caine noted that there were 55 attendees at the seminar.

Mr. Turner-Vaught announced that the 2015 Bar Convention was scheduled for January 22nd – 25th in Columbia. Mr. Sinclair was to serve as the coordinator. Ms. Caine asked the Council which date and time they preferred to conduct the seminar. After discussion, it was the consensus of the Council to host the CLE on Saturday morning with the Council and faculty dinner to be held on Friday night. Several Council members expressed interest in participating in both the Probate, Estate Planning Section CLE as well as the Corporate, Banking & Securities Law CLE but noted that the seminars were typically held at the same time. Ms. Caine was to relay the Council’s concerns to the CLE Division.

Next, Mr. Diminich announced that the 13th Annual NC/SC/GA Tax Workshop was scheduled for May 23rd – 26th at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort. He stated that the Georgia State Bar would be participating in the 2014 program in hopes to increase participation and revenue. Mr. Diminich provided a brief overview of the workshop and noted that the registration brochure had been mailed.

Next was discussion on the Section Summary. Ms. Caine stated that the Council had agreed to produce a periodic summary in lieu of the Section newsletter, due to the lack of submissions. She encouraged members to submit articles. Ms. Caine announced that the Probate, Estate Planning & Trust Section did not distribute a newsletter; however, the

Bar staff liaison was to forward any information or updates that may be of interest to the Section.

Next was a legislative update. Ms. Caine announced that a list of pre-filed bills and legislation that was being monitored from the last session was distributed to the Council. Mr. August provided a brief update on the ULLC Act. He stated that the proposed amendments to bill, S.377 was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In closing was discussion on the Law Student Affiliate Division (LSAD). Ms. Caine announced that the Board of Governors had recently created the LSAD. She was approached by the Bar as to the Section’s interest in having LSAD members join the Section. In doing so, this would allow them to learn more about the Section and hopefully encourage them to get involved within the Bar. LSAD members would be added to the Section listserv in order to receive legislative updates, newsletters, upcoming activities/seminars, etc. Mr. Turner-Vaught moved approval for LSAD members to join the Section. Mr. Sinclair seconded the motion, and it was approved.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.