Minutes April 2014

The Employment & Labor Law Section Council met this date via conference call. Participating members included Molly Cherry, Stephanie E. Lewis, C. Fred Manning, II, R. Al Phinney, C. Edward Rawl, Jr., Nekki Shutt, Nicholas Walter and Karen Luchka Wingo. Representing Bar staff was Tara Caine and Marley Douglas.

Chairperson Manning called the meeting to order.

The first item of business was approval of the minutes from the August 14, 2013, meeting. Ms. Lewis moved approval of the minutes. Ms. Shutt seconded the motion, and it was approved.

The next item of business was discussion on the 2015 NC/SC Joint Conference. Ms. Douglas announced that she had obtained proposals from various venues to include, Charleston Place and the Marriott. She stated that the Doubletree and the Francis Marion Hotel was not large enough to accommodate the program. Ms. Douglas noted that Charleston Place could host on a Thursday and Friday; however, the rates were much higher than other venues. Even though the Marriott was less expensive, the Council expressed its desire to host the program in downtown Charleston. After discussion, the Council asked Ms. Douglas to renegotiate a better deal with Charleston Place and noted that the group may be interested in hosting it there in 2017. She was to forward her findings to Ms. Caine to email to the Council.

Next, Ms. Wingo provided an overview of the 2014 Section Midyear meeting. She announced that the program was scheduled for Friday, May 16th at the Bar Conference Center. She encouraged members to register. She stated that an additional speaker was needed and welcomed suggestions from the Council. Mr. Walters recommended David Lopez from the EOC. He was to contact Mr. Lopez regarding his interest in speaking.

Next was discussion on the Distinguished Lawyer of the Year award. Mr. Manning reported that the Selection Committee was scheduled to meet on April 22nd. Ms. Caine stated that the list of candidates along with their award packets and supporting documents were distributed to the Committee for review. She announced that the recipient was to be acknowledged at the midyear meeting.

Next was discussion on statewide socials. Ms. Lewis was to contact Andy Arnold who coordinates socials in the Greenville area regarding his interest in hosting an event this summer. Ms. Cherry was to explore options to host an event in Charleston.

Ms. Wingo announced that the 2014 NC/SC Joint Conference was scheduled for October 24th & 25th at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. She provided a brief overview of the agenda. She stated that a speaker was needed for the substance abuse/mental health portion and welcomed recommendations.

Ms. Caine stated that the spring issue of the Section newsletter would be distributed by the end of May.

Next was discussion on the Bar Convention. Mr. Rawl provided a summary of the 2014 seminar and noted that the CLE was well received and that 87 people attended. It was reported that the 2015 Convention was scheduled for January 22nd – 25th in Columbia. Ms. Wingo was to coordinate.

Ms. Caine announced that a list of pre-filed bills, as well as legislation that was being monitored from last session was distributed to the Council in January. She was to forward any additional updates.

Mr. Manning reported that the Section EEO Committee Chair, Brian Lysell had resigned and was taking a position out of state. He thanked him for his service and participation. Mr. Manning asked the Council to forward their recommendations to Ms. Caine.

It was reported that Ms. Shutt and Ms. Caine were working on the proposed scholarship packet in memory of Ben Mabry. A draft was to be distributed to the Council for review. Ms. Caine announced that the final version would be submitted by the end of April for consideration at the May House of Delegates meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.