Minutes June 2007


June 8, 2007

The Consumer Law Section Council met on Friday, June 7, 2007, at 12:00 noon.  

Members Participating (5):

Michael Cone, Chair

Danny Collins

Michael Cox

John J. Hearn

David Maxfield

Bar Staff Participating:

Carey Way

Mr. Cone welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order. There was not a quorum present, but discussion was held.

The March 21, 2007, minutes and copies of the 2007-2008 goals and slate of officers and general council members drafted at that meeting were approved with the understanding they would be disseminated to all Council members for a quorum vote.  

Mr. Cone reported he had turned in a completed Election to Conduct a Seminar form to the Bar for the 2008 Bar Convention and provided Ms. Way a copy. The form reflected the working title as “The Fair Credit Reporting Act.” Ms. Way stated she had been provided a tentative schedule indicating the Consumer Law Section’s preferred date/time on Thursday, January 24, 2008, from 1:30 p.m.- 4:45 p.m. with a topic of “An introduction and overview of this federal legislation and recent amendments with discussion focused on avoidance of violations and remedies for consumers.”

Ms. Way reported the Section’s balance was $3,755.95 as of May 31, 2007. 

Council members discussed the proposed topic “The Fair Credit Reporting Act” with the general consensus being it was a worthwhile, extensive topic for CLE. Other ideas were discussed, and a partial agenda and projected expenses were drafted as follows:

CONSUMER LAW TOOL BOX (with possible speakers):

Car Dealer Issue – There ought to be a Law?--C. Steven Moskos

Nuts and bolts of credit repair--Carolyn R. Grube/Danny Collins

Mechanics of class actions--Doug Smith

Mechanics of individual litigation--David Maxfield

When the hammer slips/Fair Debt pitfalls for practitioners--John Hearn

Bankruptcy adversarial issues –Taking care of in another shop--Michael Cox

Mr. Cone agreed to serve as moderator at the Convention. Mr. Maxfield agreed to check with proposed speaker Moskos, and Mr. Collins agreed to check with proposed speakers Grube and Smith.

The 3/21/07 minutes, 2007-2008 goals, 2007-2008 slate, and the 6/8/07 minutes with drafted partial agenda/projected expenses would be disseminated to the Council for review/comment with a request for responses to be made by Wednesday, June 14, 2007. The Convention information would be turned over prior to a convention meeting scheduled for June 15, 2007. Any feedback as to the convention ideas would be made to Chairperson Cone with a copy going to Ms. Way.

Mr. Hearn stated he would be speaking on “U Need 2 Know” radio program in a few weeks.

There was some discussion about holding a full section council meeting. No date was set during the meeting. Chairperson-elect Danny Collins said he would schedule the next meeting.

Mr. Cone called for any additional new or old business. Hearing none, he adjourned the meeting.