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Legislative Process Analyst

June 10, 2014

(Hiring Range: $50,000 - $70,000)

Position Description:


The Legislative Services Agency is seeking a highly motivated person with the skills to create and modify custom applications (MS VBA-based macros) that support the legislature and its staff.


Desired traits of the candidate will include forward-thinking skills that relate to new technology, standards, practices and processes coupled with the ability to work effectively with people at all levels to understand and fulfill their requirements.

The Legislative Services Agency provides a variety of technology needs to the Senate, House of Representatives and Legislative Council in a non-partisan and apolitical manner. The agency is comprised of several sections: Administration, Legislative Service Desk, Process Management, Systems Infrastructure & Development and Telecomm & Asset Management.

This position is in the Process Management team. This team provides the means and support for creating legislative documents that progress through a series of manual and electronic procedures. The process includes legislative drafting, amending, enacting and storing for research. The process results include published information on the state legislative web-site and camera-ready copy of documents that are required by law to be printed in specified quantities.

This is not an entry level position. Please do not apply if you do not have MS VBA (creating complex macros) and process improvement experience.


Position Requirements:


· Design, create and maintain custom desktop applications (macros) using MS Visual Basic for Applications to facilitate the workflow of the legislative process, both electronically and printed


· Research, analyze, design and test legislative processes with their associated applications

· Act as a liaison for the Process team to the Senate, House of Representatives and Legislative Council staff related to the creation and implementation of legislative process applications

· Elicit user requirements and architect enhanced legislative process models and related workflows

· Develop and maintain documentation of legislative processes

· Provide and maintain instructional documentation of applications for staff training

· Provide staff support to instruct on the use of these applications and to resolve end-user problems

· Provide backup to team members in the areas of legislative website content and printing operations

· Collaborate with other teams within the agency on joint maintenance of the legislative website

· Document problem resolution using ITIL standards via Footprints for incident management

· Prepare reports on process and printing activities and needs to senior management

· Present on legislative process topics during staff meetings and learning sessions

· Perform other duties as assigned by management


Selection Criteria:


· Proficiency in creating macros using MS Office VBA


· Ability to learn the legislative process

· Ability to create technical and user documentation

· Ability to support legislative staff with broad range of technical savvy

· Basic knowledge of design, coding, testing and debugging

· Basic knowledge of internet-related technologies such as PHP and HTML

· Ability to research available technologies to provide innovative solutions

· Ability to manage projects to identify and implement solutions quickly and efficiently


Soft Skills Selection Criteria:


· Must balance confidence and humility in order to establish and maintain professional relationships with coworkers, management, technical staff, vendors and legislative users


· Must be able to work independently or collectively on projects and implement a collaborative working environment; a team player who engages in group efforts

· Must inherently know what to do and how to work under little or no supervision

· Must be personable, polite, respectful and considerate

· Must be able to adapt to the unique needs of the two legislative bodies

· Must be flexible, open-minded and non-judgmental, and a good listener

· Must have ability to think logically and solve problems resourcefully

· Must have excellent technical writing skills

· Must have excellent verbal communications skills and professional appearance

· Must work absent of personal political views and embrace obscurity


Additional Requirements:

Business analysis experience in a government, educational, or corporate environment
Ability to supply interviewer with references and examples of process improvement
A bachelor degree in a related field.
BA/PM/Agile or other appropriate certification is desirable, but not required.
Knowledge and understanding of government or other policy-making is desirable, but not required.
Ability and willingness to work some evenings during legislative session (mid-January to early-June); extended hours when required

How to Apply (Qualified applicants only):

Via e-mail or post, send a cover letter that includes a description of how you learned about this position and a detailed resume that addresses the selection criteria to:

Keith Sarto, Chief Support Services Manager

Legislative Services Agency

1105 Pendleton St., Suite 223 Blatt Building

Columbia, SC 29201