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April 13 Legislative Report

April 13, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Sen. Larry Martin, met Tuesday.
Favorable report as amended:
H 3385 Alcoholic liquors
S 1124 Commissioner of Insurance Department to be elected
S 772 Tort Claims Act (with Minority Report)
H 4205 Nonprofit corporation that provides water service
H 4726 Powers of Special Purpose Districts Commissions

Carried over:
H. 4614 Procedures and requirements of court-ordered child custody
H 4473 Legal custody or placement of a child prohibited to a person on sex offender registry
H 3604 Retrofitting of shopping malls and shopping centers
S 10 Commission on Streamlining Government and Reduction of Waste

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on H. 4463, chaired by Sen. Gerald Malloy, met Wednesday.  
Favorable report:
H. 4463 Transfer of Criminal Cases to Magistrate Court. Dan Goldberg, of the Fifth Circuit Solicitor's Office, testified on the bill.

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on S.1353, S.1205, S.128 and H.3248, chaired by Sen. Chip Campsen, met Wednesday.
Favorable report as amended:
S.128 Boards & Commissions Election Reform Act
H.3248 Ethic Violations

Carried over:
S.1353 Disclosure of Economic Interest by Public Officers
S.1205 Poll Managers

The Senate Medical Affairs Subcommittee on S.1388, S.1395 and H.5028, chaired by Sen. Ray Cleary, met Wednesday.
Favorable report:
S. 1388 Certificate of Need Program
S. 1395 Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

Favorable report as amended:
H. 5028 Medicaid nursing home permit law

The Senate Banking and Insurance Committee, chaired by Sen. Robert Hayes, met Wednesday.   
Favorable report:
S. 1108 Federal law violation to certain consumer loan transactions is a violation of state law
S. 1229 Reciprocal Agreements for Licensing Non-Resident Adjusters
S. 1319 Closing or Settlement Insurance
S. 1221 Dissolution of a Mechanic's Lien
S. 1392 Total liabilities and derivative transactions defined

Favorable report as amended:
H. 4678 Mortgage Satisfaction in the Public Record
S. 1044 Health Care Financial Recovery and Protection Act

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on S.1317, chaired by Sen. Gerald Malloy, met Wednesday.
Carried over:
S. 1317  Drug Court Program Act. David Ross, Executive Director of S.C. Commission on Prosecution and Coordination, and Dolly Garfield of the Fifth Circuit Solicitor's Office testified on the bill.

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on SC Workers' Compensation Commission, chaired by Sen. Raymond Cleary, met Wednesday. The Subcommittee heard testimony from Melody James on her SC Workers’ Compensation Commission Appointment.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on S. 1225, chaired by Sen. Shane Massey, met Thursday.
Carried over:
S. 1225 Notice of Claim on a Contractor. Joe DaPore, Shaun Cranford, Peter Protopapas and Michael Seekings testified on the bill.

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on S.1243, chaired by Sen. Gerald Malloy, met Thursday.   
Carried over:
S.1243 S.C. Probate Code. Franchelle Millender, Judge Debora Faulkner, Hugh Ryan, Drake Kaiser, Roger Jellinik, Catherine Kennedy and Professor Alan Medlin testified on the bill.

Other News
House and Senate introductions are available online. The following are a number of bills of interest that were introduced last week:

S. 1403 Criminal background checks
S. 1405 SC Benefit Corporation Act
S. 1407 Registered sex offender
S. 1408 SC Constitutional Carry Act of 2012
S. 1415 Deadly force against another person
S. 1433 Deed of trust study committee

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