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Updated "Law for Young Adults" online resource released

September 23, 2013

COLUMBIA, S.C. (Sept. 23, 2013)—Turning 18 is an important milestone in a young person’s life. With it comes many opportunities and responsibilities, including voting, renting an apartment, buying a car, and more, all without a parent’s consent. Turning 18 means making important decisions and understanding potential long-term consequences those decisions may present.

To help provide an understanding of those responsibilities, the S.C. Bar Law Related Education (LRE) Division has released an updated version of Law for Young Adults, a Web resource outlining various legal obligations facing South Carolina’s youth. Developed by the Bar’s LRE Division, the comprehensive guide highlights various legal issues young adults may face once they turn 18, including moving out, financial issues, alcohol and drugs, voting, life and death matters, marriage, crimes and consequences, and more.

“Law for Young Adults provides a basis of understanding among young adults throughout the state regarding their rights and responsibilities under the law,” said Stephen M. Cox, chair of the S.C. Bar Law Related Education Committee. “The updated publication contains relevant, important information, and thanks to the [LRE] Committee’s hard work, this invaluable resource in now available to today’s youth as they plan for their futures.”

The new, updated version of Law for Young Adults is inclusive of changes made to the law since its original release in the fall of 2011. To access the resource online, visit

The S.C. Bar’s LRE Division, which was developed to improve the ability of teachers to instruct law related education, has been part of the Bar since 1976.

The South Carolina Bar, which has a membership of more than 14,500 lawyers, is dedicated to advancing justice, professionalism and understanding of the law.


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