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Summary of recent amendments to the ADR Rules

May 17, 2013

Recent important changes in the ADR Rules are below.

1. Rule 4(a)(2) requires mediators who are not certified to disclose the lack of certification and obtain written consent from all parties to the ADR Conference on a form approved by the Supreme Court or its designee.

The full Rule 4(a)(2) may be viewed here.

Forms SCADR108c and SCADR108f may be viewed here.

2. Rule 4(d) provides that “If there are unresolved issues of custody or visitation, the court may in its discretion order an early mediation of those issues upon motion of a party or upon the court's own motion.”

The full Rule 4(d) may be viewed here.

3. Rule 9 addresses the cost to indigent litigants of mediator travel expenses.

The full Rule 9 may be viewed here.

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