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Forestbrook Middle School wins S.C. Bar Mock Trial Competition; Ocean Bay named first runner-up

December 11, 2012

COLUMBIA, S.C. (Dec. 11, 2012) – Forestbrook Middle School won the S.C. Bar Middle School Mock Trial State Competition on Saturday, Dec. 8, marking the school’s third state championship title. Ocean Bay Middle School, which has competed at the state level three times, was named first runner-up.

Participating students from Forestbrook included Holley Black, Calie Glasgow, Ashlyn Herring, Erica Holt, Kasie Ingram, Ashley Jones, JoeyKirkman, Jaida Lankford, Nayah Lewis, Aly Loyd, DeAnna Mason, Ashley Murray, Katelyn Price, Georgette Riviera, Sydny Stegall, Sophie Stevanovich, LaurenStevens and Cinthia Zavala. The teacher coaches were Lisa Aglietti, Joe Boswell, Stephanie Necessary, April Scott and Joey Trail. The attorney coaches were Scott Hucks and Gene Vaught.

Participating students from Ocean Bay included Mikaela Campman, Bailee Carter, Alyssa Conner, Nicole Conner, Michael Corcione, Ela Ender, Natasha Flaten, Will Jordan, Sarah Miller, Kena Patel, Zannah Shockely, Teagan Smith, Kaleigh Tarabek, Christoph Tatgenhorst, Yana Tatgenhorst, Maddie Waddingham, Franky Wong and Jacky Wong. The teacher coaches were Elaine Aiken, Billy Gainus, Mary Lynn Ashby-Hope and Marion Touzel. The attorney coach was Dominic Starr.

Students presented the plaintiff and defense sides of a fictitious case before a panel of local volunteer lawyers and judges. Additionally, students filled the roles of defendant, witnesses, bailiffs and timekeepers. Each team was judged on its presentation skills, rather than the legal merits of the case.

This year’s fictitious case was Jess McGee v. Kasey Moore. McGee, the owner of a prized bull, was suing Moore for negligence after the bull escaped from his pasture and was killed in an accident.  Moore denied negligence, claiming the accident was unavoidable, and sued McGee for the damage caused to the vehicle. For more information about the Middle School Mock Trial Program, visit

The S.C. Bar thanks the attorney volunteers as well as the staff at the Marc H. Westbrook Lexington County Judicial Center, Lexington County Summary Court, Lexington Sheriff's Department and Lexington Police Department, whose contributions helped make this competition a success.

The Mock Trial Program is sponsored by the S.C. Bar’s Law Related Education (LRE) Division, which was developed in 1976 to improve the ability of teachers to instruct law related education.

The Mock Trial Program is made possible through a S.C. Bar Foundation IOLTA grant and the S.C. Bar.

The S.C. Bar, which has a membership of more than 14,000 lawyers, is dedicated to advancing justice, professionalism and understanding of the law.

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