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August 1, 2012

August 01, 2012

Welcome to the South Carolina Bar's E-Blast, CLE Edition! 
August 1, 2012
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New publication releases
S.C. Rules of Procedure Annotated 2012 by Justin S. Kahn
With research current through June 17, 2012, S.C. Rules of Procedure Annotated 2012 is the most up-to-date premier compendium of the state’s rules of procedure. Whether you need to know the latest civil, criminal, family, probate, administrative, magistrate or alternative dispute resolution rules, this is the book for you!

S.C. Evidence Handbook Annotated, Eighth Edition by Justin S. Kahn 
Like Justin S. Kahn’s celebrated S.C. Rules of Procedure Annotated, this handbook of practical information puts rules, relevant case law and statutes related to evidence in South Carolina at your fingertips. Its more than 300 pages include the full text of the S.C. Rules of Evidence (with official comments), hundreds of annotations through June 18, 2012, selected S.C. evidentiary statutes, selected S.C. constitutional provisions and the newest version of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Want to save some money? Purchase S.C. Rules of Procedure Annotated 2012 and S.C. Evidence Handbook Annotated, Eighth Edition together by clicking

Service of Process in South Carolina, Third Edition by John S. Nichols
The third edition provides an updated discussion on service upon an agent that binds a principal under Rule 4(d)(1), SCRCP, and adds discussions of the “mailbox” rule under Rule 5(b), SCRCP, and service permitted on Sunday. Sample forms are also included, both in print and on an accompanying CD, as examples of ways to perfect service.

Masters-in-Equity & Special Referees in South Carolina, Fourth Edition by John S. Nichols
Updated through June 2012, this handy monograph provides concise reference to the procedures of practice before masters-in-equity and special referees in South Carolina. The book pulls together rules, statutes and case law affecting this specialized area of practice and includes a sample Order of Reference that meets Supreme Court requirements. Also included is a discussion of the Supreme Court's 2009 administrative order regarding the masters continuing jurisdiction over referred matters, recent significant case law regarding the general duties and powers of the masters or special referees, and a discussion of the rules regarding holding funds in escrow.

Upcoming seminars
Practical Advice for Young Lawyers Trying to Build Their Legal Practice

Civil Court Mediation Training

2012 Probate Bench/Bar

2012 Solo and Small Firm CLE and Annual Meeting

Advertising School (LEAPP)

Trust Account School (LEAPP)

Ethics School (LEAPP)

The Law of Workers’ Compensation in South Carolina: 2012 Update

Current Topics for Construction Practitioners

2012 Hot Tips From the Coolest Domestic Law Practitioners

Webcast replays
Did you miss a live seminar because of a scheduling conflict? Do you want to get a jump start on fulfilling your CLE credit hours? Check out the following seminars offered as webcast replays:

Lawyer Depression and Mental Health, Aug. 2

2011 Richland County Bar Ethics Seminar, Aug. 6

Passion and the Profession of Law, Aug. 7

On-demand, online programs
Financial Abuse of the Elderly featuring Barbara E. Brunson

"Short Sale" or "Shortsale," Either Way, It's a Four Letter Word
 featuring Shawn M. French and Jeff Popper

Awesome iPhone and Android Apps for Attorneys
 featuring Courtney Kennaday

Recent publication release

S.C. Case Law Update 2011
S.C. Case Law Update 2011 by John S. Nichols digests and summarizes every S.C. appellate decision issued from Jan. 1, 2011, through Dec. 31, 2011. The summaries are organized by areas of law, in reverse chronological order, and each one provides enough information about the case for context and key word listings in bold at the beginning. New this year, S.C. Case Law Update 2011 is only available in downloadable format. Choose your specific, individually-priced area of law, or download the entire resource.

The S.C. Bankruptcy Practice Manual, Revised Second Edition by Jan M. Baker, C. Jennalyn Dalrymple and Lydia A. Eloff
The S.C. Bankruptcy Practice Manual, Revised Second Edition (2012) discusses the basic tenets of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and features helpful practice tips specifically tailored for practice in South Carolina. This helpful how-to manual also includes a user-friendly CD containing the entire book with hypertext links to local and federal rules.

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Estate Planning for Pets

Ethics in Employment Law and Practice

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