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CLE Division offers online series on motor carrier claims

January 04, 2012

Motor carrier claims have their own unique set of problems in the areas of accident investigation and reconstruction, discovery, case evaluation and trial. In addition, there are other unique aspects to these complex cases involving the CDL manual, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and rules of the road.

The following programs will help personal injury and defense lawyers better understand these cases and how to effectively communicate important information to juries.

Effectively Using the CDL Manual featuring Joseph A. Fried

Alcohol, Drugs and Trucks: Not Just One Bad Apple featuring Michael L. Goldberg

The First 30 Days featuring Buck Rogers

Top 10 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations featuring Joseph A. Fried

Theories of Liability featuring Michael L. Goldberg

Maintenance Issues Involving Trucks and Commercial Vehicles featuring Joseph A. Fried

Ways to Access Information About a Trucking Company featuring Joseph A. Fried

Qualcomm, Dispatch and GPS Systems featuring Buck Rogers

Driver Qualifications: Negligent Hiring, Entrustment and Supervision Claims featuring Michael L. Goldberg

Engine Control Module Data in Trucking Cases featuring Buck Rogers and Joseph A. Fried

Hitting the Rear of Stopped and Slow-Moving Trucks featuring Joseph A. Fried

Insurance Issues in Trucking Cases featuring Michael L. Goldberg

How to Take Truck Driver and Safety Director Depositions featuring Joseph A. Fried

Nighttime Truck Driving Cases featuring Michael L. Goldberg

Dealing with Left Turn and Under Ride Cases featuring Buck Rogers and Joseph A. Fried

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