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South Carolina Bar and The Ritter Academy deliver e-discovery training to Bar members

November 11, 2011

COLUMBIA, SC (November 11, 2011)—The South Carolina Bar and The Ritter Academy ( announce that the South Carolina Bar will be offering its members the opportunity to enroll in the online, self-paced training offered by The Ritter Academy on the complex and challenging field of electronic discovery.

“Electronic discovery is recognized as one of the most difficult changes in how lawyers practice law in a fast-changing digital world,” explained Terry Burnett, South Carolina Bar Continuing Legal Education Director. “The Ritter Academy provides to lawyers and other professionals online access, 24 hours a day, to the learning and practice tools required to manage digital records as evidence,” Burnett said.

“The Ritter Academy understands lawyers cannot learn everything they need to know about electronic discovery in just a single, one-hour program,” Jeffrey Ritter, Esq., CEO of The Ritter Academy, explained. “Enrollment in the Academy allows a professional to research, learn and acquire the practice tools we offer on their own schedule,” Ritter said. 

“The Ritter Academy produces and makes available on-demand courses that enable professionals to learn more quickly, and be able to share that knowledge with their clients and team members with greater effectiveness,” Burnett said. “The Academy is the first provider of learning for lawyers that embraces and executes best practices in effective online learning for legal professionals.”

South Carolina lawyers will be able to enroll in the Academy under two options. First, they may enroll for unlimited access to all of the Academy courses, at an annual cost of $489 ($1,199 after January 15, 2012). Second, they may enroll in the “South Carolina Six-Pack,” which allows a lawyer to obtain a package of six hours of self-paced continuing legal education (CLE) at $329 (through March 1, 2012).

“South Carolina lawyers are limited to six hours of self-paced CLE during each reporting period,” Burnett explained. “The ‘Six-Pack’ delivers fundamental training that maximizes a lawyer’s access to self-paced learning. South Carolina lawyers can elect to upgrade to full unlimited access at any time, without penalty.” For more information or to enroll, visit

The Ritter Academy publishes online training courses based on unique visual information maps and other practice tools that enable business, legal and IT professionals to better navigate and master the complexities of managing digital information as evidence. Since launching in May 2011, nearly 20,000 professionals have gained access to the Academy through association programs.

The South Carolina Bar, which has a membership of more than 13,500 lawyers, is dedicated to advancing justice, professionalism and understanding of the law.


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