October 2013

By order of October 28 the Court placed Benjamin Jackson Baldwin on interim suspension. Gretchen B. Gleason, the Court’s receiver, has been appointed to protect clients’ interests.

By order of
October 23 the Court suspended Michael O’Brien Nelson for a period of six months, retroactive to June 1, 2013 (with additional conditions), for misconduct including ex parte contact with a juror during a proceeding. Justice Beatty did not participate.

By order of October 17 the Court placed Cynthia E. Collie on interim suspension. The Court found that, based on her “persistent refusal to comply” with the Court's directives, Ms. Collie poses a substantial threat of serious harm to the public and to the administration of justice.

By order of
October 9 the Court placed Joel Thomas Broome on interim suspension.

By order of
October 2 the Court transferred Marshall U. Rogol to incapacity inactive status.