November 2012

By order of November 21, the Court issued a Public Reprimand to Frank L. Valenta Jr. for violation of Rule 3.5(b), SCRPC, regarding ex parte communication with a judge during a proceeding.

By order of November 21, the Court imposed a three-year definite suspension on Michael D. Shavo (retroactive to September 22, 2009) for misconduct including violation of Rules 8.4(a), 8.4(b) and 8.4(c) of the S.C. Rules of Professional Conduct. Mr. Shavo’s reinstatement is subject to other conditions set forth in the order.

By order of November 21, the Court placed Mark Andrew Brunty on interim suspension. Elizabeth Jean Saraniti is the trustee.

By order of November 20, the Court placed William Jones Rivers III on interim suspension. Nicholas W. Lewis is the trustee.

By order of November 7, the Court imposed a public reprimand on Greenwood County Magistrate Walter Rutledge Martin. The Court accepted the admission and agreement of the respondent, which cites violation of, inter alia, Canons 1 and 2 of the Code of Judicial Conduct

By order of November 2, the Court declined to issue a Rule to Show Cause against Derwin Thomas Brannon. The Court further rescinded the portion of a June 23, 2011, order reinstating Brannon to the practice of law and ordered that Brannon shall not file a Petition for Reinstatement until he has fulfilled all of the requirements set forth in that order.

By order of November 1, the Court placed Amelia Holt Lorenz on interim suspension. A. Todd Darwin is the trustee.