December 2013

By orders of December 27 the Court has accepted the resignations from the Bar of James C. Dimitri, Stewart Michael Kahn, Coleman M. Legerton, William Burton Pettus and Douglas R. Wright.

By order of December 23 the Court lifted interim suspension of Richard G. Wern (with conditions).

By order of December 20 the Court reinstated Michael O’Brien Nelson to the practice of law.

By order of December 19 the Court placed William Franklin Warren III on interim suspension. Dan A. Collins was appointed trustee.

By order of December 11 the Court suspended Robert Lawrence Papa for three years (with additional conditions) for misconduct including failure to disclose conflicts of interest to clients and failure to obtain their informed consent as to conflicts of interest.

By order of December 11 the Court disbarred Michael Anthony Walker from the practice of law for misconduct including failure to promptly deliver funds to whom they were due and making false statements of fact.

By order of November 6 the Court placed Richard G. Wern on interim suspension and appointed the Receiver, Gretchen B. Gleason, to protect the interests of his clients. The Commission on Lawyer Conduct filed a Motion to Terminate Order of Receivership. By order of December 6, the Court granted the motion, and Catherine F. Juhas is responsible for the representation of Mr. Wern’s clients.