April 2014

By order of April 30 the Court reinstated Parker Howle as a Regular Member of the Bar.

Based on motion the Court lifted the suspension of Daniel Nathan Hughey on April 17.

The Court has accepted the resignation from the Bar of Neil D. Lansing as he no longer meets the requirements of Rule 405, SCACR.

By orders of April 16 the Court accepted the resignations from the Bar of Mary Ann Asbill, Anne S. Douds and Annick Isabelle Lenoir-Peck.

By order of April 9 the Court rescinded the order administratively suspending Butler C. Derrick Jr. and reinstated him as a Retired Member.

By order of April 9 the Court reinstated Angela R. Shirrell as a Limited Member (Rule 405).

By order of April 9 the Court imposed discipline on Charles William Berger, a lawyer licensed in Florida, who solicited S.C. clients via the Internet. Mr. Berger, who neither responded nor appeared, was deemed to have admitted to all misconduct, including filing frivolous pleadings, failure to safekeep property and failure to act with diligence and promptness in representation of a client. Mr. Berger is prohibited from seeking any admission in this state, including pro hac vice admission, without obtaining permission from the Court. Additional conditions were imposed.

By order of April 9 the Court disbarred Amelia Holt Lorenz (retroactive to November 1, 2012) for misconduct including failure to communicate with clients, failure to respond to disciplinary counsel and failure to properly terminate representation.

By order of April 1 the Court placed Michael Frank Johnson on interim suspension. Peyre Lumpkin, Receiver, has been appointed pursuant to Rule 31, RLDE.