Document Management Software

If you want software that will make it easier to find work product (such as word processing documents) that your firm has already created, then document management software is what you are looking for. This software creates a full-text index of every document in your computer system. You specify which documents or folders on your computer or network that you want to index. The end result is a searchable database of information. You can then use key words or phrases to find documents. Even better, you can create a matching profile for each document as it is created, so that you can also know the author, the date, the client, the matter number, the type of document, and so on. You will never have to “reinvent the wheel” when you have document management software. Document management software is not limited to organizing word processing documents. Many lawyers use it to index their image files as part of a paperless office scheme. The software will accommodate a variety of electronic formats from scanned images to faxes.

Links to Software (descriptions taken from products' Web pages)

A "free-form database designed for users rather than programmers. Turn anything into a searchable database: email messages, word processing documents, text files, spreadsheets, addresses, Web pages, and more."

"Starting a new document in Cabinet NG ensures that it is instantly filed, not lost, misplaced, or mishandled."

Ejuris - click here to request a demo
"An innovative and user-friendly web-based system designed to help legal practitioners and law firms more efficiently communicate with clients and manage and store files in a paperless environment."

An electronic document manage solution designed to help organizations capture, manage, and protect their data. Visit their website to request a 15-minute demo.

"Simple to use yet powerful, FileCenter requires no dedicated hardware, additional software, or high priced installation and training. FileCenter can be installed and in use in less than a day."

NetDocuments - View a a quick 2 minute demo.


"Multi-award-winning Document Management System which incorporates document management and e-mail management."