Computer Hardware for Law Offices

Dictation Equipment
Legal Easy Dictation
Start-Stop Dictation and Transcription Systems

Digital dictation: the new standard for dictation. Read Jeffrey S. Lisson's article, Digital Dictation: You've Cut the Cord, Now Cut the Tape, to learn more about how digital dictation can work in your law office.

CMS Products Backup Solutions "The portable ABSplus allows you to carry your computer with you right in your pocket - The ABSplus saves all data in native file format. Simply connect the ABSplus to any computer for immediate access to all your data files."
Brighthand - Nothing but handhelds.
CNET Reviews Handheld Computers Be sure to take the "Handhelds Personality Test" to see which products are right for you.

Hardware: It's More Than Just Another Expense GPSolo magazine
by Ross Kodner December 2003
This article focuses on key hardware types: stationary and portable PC systems, PDAs, printers, scanners, and more.

Backup and Storage
Backup MyPC backup software by StompSoft
Retrospect Backup backup software by Dantz
Second Copy 2000 backup software
HP Tape Storage Solutions
External Hard Drive Backups

Laptop PC vs. Desktop PC

Notebook PC's are great, but it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before purchasing. If you do most of your work at the office, try to honestly assess how you plan to use a notebook computer. If all you will do is check your e-mail or calendar from home, you can probably get by with a Blackberry or Palm Pilot-type handheld PC. But if you do a significant amount of work from home or while traveling, a notebook computer is a good choice for you.
Below are links you may find helpful in deciding this issue.
CNET Editors' Desktop Buying Guide
CNET Editors' Notebook Buying Guide
Desktops vs. Notebooks from The PC Guide

A Mobile Computing Kit for Lawyers
by Dennis Kennedy, 2005