Finding the Right Office

  • Is it convenient for those I am targeting as clients?
  • Is it a reasonable commute for me?
  • Is it close to the courthouse or other agency offices I frequent?
  • Is it close to the law library or other research sites I use?
  • Does it have a sufficient amount of parking for clients and staff?
  • Is it reasonably convenient to public transportation?
  • Is it in a good location to attract walk-in clients, if I want them?
  • Is it close to other lawyers who may provide guidance or referrals?
  • It is easy to find and easy to give directions to?
  • Is there room for an adequate sign?
  • Is my bank reasonably convenient?
  • Is the type of Internet access I want available from this location?
  • Is it accessible to the disabled?
  • Is the area well lit, safe, and accessible after regular business hours?
  • Are restaurants and stores nearby?
  • Is there adequate room for expansion as my practice grows?
  • Does it create the image I want my practice to project?
  • Does the price include cleaning service and utilities?
  • Is the rent reasonable for the space and services provided?


  • Are the offices for lawyers adequate?
  • Is there sufficient space for support staff?
  • Is there adequate and convenient storage space for office supplies and files?
  • Is the reception area adequate and attractive?
  • Will the design and construction ensure client privacy and confidentiality?
  • Do I need a conference room/library?
  • Is there room for a break area/kitchen?
  • Does it have appropriate access and facilities for the elderly or handicapped if I expect them to be a substantial part of my clientele?
  • Is there an area where children can play quietly, if necessary, while I meet with their parents?
  • Is there adequate space for postage meter, copy machine, fax machine, phone system equipment, network computer?
  • If utilities are included, will the heat/ac be on nights and weekends if I need to work then?
  • Where is the thermostat located and who controls it, me or the landlord?
  • Is the electrical system adequate and are there enough outlets?
  • Where do additional outlets and phone jacks need to be?
  • Is there ethernet cabling for a computer network?
  • Is it suitable for computer network wiring without excessive expense?


  • Does my desk accommodate the type of equipment I will be using?
  • Does my secretary's desk accommodate the type of equipment she will be using?
  • Are additional stand-alone computer stations necessary?
  • Do I have adequate seating in my office for clients?
  • Does my secretary/legal assistant need at-desk seating for clients?
  • How many people can I expect in the reception area at one time and what type of seating do I need?
  • Are my furnishings suitable for the elderly and handicapped, if I expect them to be a substantial part of my clientele?
  • How many people can I expect at depositions/conferences at one time and what type seating do I need?
  • Are additional conference room furnishings necessary?
  • Are wall hangings adequate and appropriate for the atmosphere I want to create?
  • Do I have an adequate number of file cabinets or shelves for in-office file storage?
  • Are work tables necessary for copying, brief binding, mail handling, etc?
  • Do I need additional stands for fax machine, postage meter, etc?
  • Do I have bookcases?
  • Do I have adequate reading materials in the reception area to keep clients occupied in the event of a delay, and will any of the materials I have displayed offend any of my clients?
  • Do I have some picture books, coloring books, crayons, and small toys to keep children quietly occupied, if necessary, while I meet with their parents?

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