Disaster and Emergency Preparedness
Tips on Creating an Office Inventory

Assign the responsibility for taking a complete inventory to someone in your office and set a reasonable timetable for completion. Depending upon the size of your office, this can take anywhere from one week to one month. Once you have made this assignment, mark the date for completion on your calendar and review it on or near that date.

At a minimum, the inventory should include the following information:

  • All computer hardware equipment, including location, serial number, original price (if known), purchase date (if known), original vendor (if known)
  • All software, including serial number, original price (if known), purchase date (if known), original vendor (if known)
  • A list of all library contents and subscriptions.
  • All other office equipment, including fax machines, photocopiers, dictation equipment, and telephone equipment. Where possible, include serial numbers, original prices, purchase dates and vendors.
  • This information should be updated each time a new piece of equipment is added or discarded.
  • If you have not done so, make certain that you begin to keep information on purchase date, price and vendor. You should also have information on all maintenance contracts for equipment in your office. Once this information has been completed it should be kept off-site. Remember to update the off-site list when you make additions or deletions.

Related items that need to be considered if your office is damaged are:

  • How soon can you replace computer equipment which has been destroyed or stolen?
  • How will you pay for the equipment until an insurance settlement is made?
  • Keep a list of computer vendors, furniture vendors, telephone vendors in case you need to contact them quickly for replacement equipment. If you cannot replace all of your equipment immediately, have the numbers of some companies that rent equipment.