Disaster and Emergency Preparedness
Tips on Creating an Evacuation Procedure

  • Assign responsibility for creating procedures. Specifically designate someone to be responsible for results. The individual must be able to command respect and have available the necessary time to produce results.
  • Appoint and train your Emergency Response Team.
  • Assign one person to be responsible for assisting anyone on the floor who may need assistance in the event of an emergency.
  • Educate all staff about Emergency Response responsibilities.
  • Hold periodic fire drills.
  • Have fire and police to do safety checks and educational presentations.
  • Contact crisis professionals to assist after any disaster with emotional trauma.
  • Post appropriate safety notices where needed.
  • Designate a location outside of the building as a prearranged meeting spot in case of evacuation for purposes of doing a head count.
  • Maintain a telephone tree in order to contact staff if a disaster occurs after normal working hours. One or two individuals with cellular telephones should agree to allow individuals to call them in case there is no phone service available.
  • Publish Emergency Response procedures for evacuation as part of the firm's office manual.