Limited Power of Attorney


I [principal] do hereby appoint [attorney-in-fact] , as my agent and attorney-in-fact for the limited purpose of conducting all transactions and taking any actions that I might do with respect to my law firm bank account(s) and safe deposit box(es). I do further authorize my banking institutions to transact my law firm account(s) as directed by my attorney-in-fact and to afford the attorney-in-fact all rights and privileges that I would otherwise have with respect to my account(s) and safe deposit box(es). Specifically, I am authorizing my attorney-in-fact to sign my name on checks, notes, drafts, orders, or instruments for deposit, withdrawal, or the transfer of money to or from my account(s), make electronic funds transactions, receive statements and notices on the account(s), and do anything with respect to the account that I would be able to do in my law firm. I am also authorizing my named attorney-in-fact to enter and open my safe deposit box(es), place property in the box(es), remove property from the box(es), and otherwise do anything with the box(es) that I would be able to do, even if my attorney-in-fact has no legal interest in the property in the box.

This Power of Attorney will continue until the banking institution receives my written revocation of this Power of Attorney or written instructions from my attorney-in-fact to stop honoring the signature of my attorney-in-fact.

This Power of Attorney shall not be affected by my subsequent disability or incapacity.


[Accountholderl          [Date]

STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA                 )


County of                       )

This instrument was acknowledged before me on             (date) by

                                                             (name(s) of person(s)).



My commission expires: .