Client Notice of Attorney Departure
Sample Client Notice of Attorney Departure



RE: Smith v. Allstate

Dear Ms. Smith:

Effective [date of withdrawal], Ms. Wilson will be withdrawing from the law firm of Day, Wilson & Jones, LLC which will there after be known as Day & Jones, LLC. Effective that same day [date], Ms. Wilson will begin practicing law with the firm of Wilson and Associates, PC, 333 State Street, Anytown, MT; telephone 406.123.2345.

We have appreciated the opportunity to serve you in the past. During the transition period, Mr. Howard of the firm Day & Jones, LLC, will handle your ongoing legal work without any interruption of service.

You have the right to select the attorneys who will represent you in the future. You may choose Day & Jones, LLC; Wilson and Associates, PC, or you may request that your file be delivered to another law firm. If you wish, you may use the attached form to designate your choice of attorneys. In the event you choose another firm, we will of course cooperate in the smooth transition of your files.

Should you have any questions related to these matters, please contact us for further information.


Day & Jones, LLC

By _________________________

Wilson and Associates, PC

By _________________________