March 23 Legislative Report

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
The Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Sen. Larry Martin, met Tuesday.
Favorable report:
S. 1321 Amendment to the Omnibus Crime Reduction and Sentencing Reform Act
S. 163 Unlawfully providing beer or wine to minors

Favorable report as amended:
H. 3508 Government owned communications service providers
S. 1065 Bingo and raffles (Minority Report)
S. 746 Revisions to DUI penalties
S. 212 Members of General Assembly (Minority Report)

Carried over:
S.148 Home Invasion Protection Act
S. 744 Unlawful to impede normal breathing or blood circulation of another person
S.10 Commission on Streamlining Government and Reduction of Waste
H. 4061 Federal tax formulas

Recommitted to Subcommittee:
S.265 Firearm
S. 865 State symbols and emblems

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
The House Judiciary Criminal Laws, chaired by Rep. Bruce Bannister, met on Wednesday.
Favorable report:
H. 3209 Orders of Protection

Favorable report as amended:
H. 3757 Human Trafficking. Bryan Stirling of the S.C. Attorney General’s Office testified on the bill.

Carried over:
H. 3208 Strangulation and Smothering. Heath Taylor testified on the bill.
H. 4464 Threatening or intimidating a process server or licensed private investigator

The House Judiciary Local Laws, chaired by Rep. Jenny Horne, met Wednesday.  
Adjourn Debate:
H. 4771 Unfit Dwellings
H. 4510 Municipal Court Setoff Debt Collection Act. Josh Rhodes of the S.C. Association of Counties and David Ross of the S.C. Commission on Prosecution Coordination testified on the bill.

Thursday, March 22, 2012
The House Judiciary Constitutional Laws Subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Greg Delleney, met Thursday.
Favorable report:
S. 1227 Camping on State House grounds

Favorable report as amended:
H. 4128 Legal Tender

Carried over:
H. 4358 Drug Tests
H. 4575 Administrative Procedures Act
H. 3005 Contributions

Other News
House and Senate introductions are available online. The following are a number of bills of interest that were introduced last week:
H. 5049 Appeal of a property assessment value
H. 5053 Bail bond
H. 5054 Unlawful act of bail bondsmen
H. 5063 Penalties for certain violations
H. 5064 Civil actions
H. 5068 Victim and witness services
H. 5070 Criminal background checks
H. 5073 Criminal domestic violence registry

Questions related to legislation can be directed to Kali Campbell Turner at (803) 799 6653, ext. 170 or Additional information can be found at

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