March 22 Legislative Report

 March 22, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
The House Full Judiciary, chaired by Rep. Greg Delleney, met Tuesday.
Favorable Report:
H. 3099 Child support
S. 239 Raffles
S. 213 Raffles
H. 3538 Tobacco products

Favorable Report as amended:
H. 3568 Altering, tampering with, or bypassing electric, gas, or water meters
H. 3580 Certification of Canine Teams
H. 3165 Unemployment benefits
S. 2 Equal Access to the Ballot Act
H. 3504 Coins

Carried Over:
H. 3024 Child abuse
H. 3102 Jaidon's Law
H. 3197 Division of Elections

The Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Sen. Larry Martin, met Tuesday.
Favorable Report:
Workers' Compensation Commission - Chapter: 67, Mediation
S. 296 Vandalism of places of worship

Favorable Report as amended:
S. 405 Administrative Law Judges
S. 284 Human trafficking resource hotline
H. 3248 Financial transaction card crime
S. 472 Student Association Freedom of Religion Act (with Minority Report)
S. 173 Adjutant General (with Minority Report)
S. 176 Magistrate courts

Carried Over:
S. 8 Patrol Canine teams
S. 445 Adjutant General

The Senate Finance Committee, chaired by Sen. Hugh Leatherman, met Tuesday.
Favorable Report:
S. 334 Cyber Security and Identity Theft Protection
S. 438 Governmental Contracts
H. 3426 Williamston National Guard Armory Transfer
S. 301 Property Tax Assessments for Active Duty Military

Favorable Report as amended:
S. 437 Residential Owner-occupied property classification

Carried Over:
S. 387 Job Retraining and Utility Tax Credits

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
The House Judiciary Constitutional Laws Subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Bruce Bannister, met Wednesday.
Favorable Report as amended:
H. 3101 South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act

Carried Over:
H. 3473 Elimination of Healthcare Exchanges

Thursday, March 21, 2013
The House Judiciary General Laws Subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Derham Cole, met Thursday.
Favorable Report:
H. 3560 Unlawful Possession of handguns

Carried over:
H. 3160 Concealed Weapons Permits

House and Senate introductions are available online. The following are a number of bills of interest that were introduced last week:
H. 3822 Concealable Weapons Permit
H. 3823 Drug designation schedule
H. 3824 Consumer Debt
H. 3827 DHEC
H. 3853 Charter school sponsor
H. 3854 Out-of-court statements
H. 3856 Criminal background checks
H. 3857 Sexting
S. 538 Unitrusts

Questions related to legislation can be directed to Kali Campbell Turner at (803) 799 6653, ext. 170 or Additional information can be found at

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