Job Searching

Looking for a new job? Maybe you were recruited straight out of law school or it was decades ago that you were searching for a job. Check out the links below for tips on job searching!


Managing a Legal Career Transition in Tough Times is a 75-minute presentation to assist lawyers and 3Ls who are currently seeking employment. 

Get advice from a fellow Bar member!  Kenneth E. Young participated in an educational video containing career advice from a legal search and consulting firm perspective.
Visit the Bar's Career Center for a listing of open positions around the state.

NPR Blog with advice regarding online resume posting

Looking for another place to search quickly? This site allows you to search for jobs in South Carolina or across the U.S.

What every job-hunting lawyer needs to know

Useful advice that may help your job search have a better chance of success. 

Six requirements for every new lawyer
Suggestions to help you stay on track during your job search, especially if over a long period of time. 

The following video provides tips for job searching in today's market and gives networking advice on how to land the perfect job.