Alternate career paths

Considering a change in career but still want to use your hard-earned J.D.? See the links below for alternate career paths you can take and still use your law degree!

Options available to those researching alternative legal careers

Four examples of different paths one can take with a law degree besides practicing law

Alternatives that are available for professionals with a J.D.

"Job of the Week" provides a new job each week available to law professionals

Opportunities are endless for professionals with a law degree

Have you been wondering what the options are for lawyers in alternative legal careers

The following books are available in the Bar's Lending Library:

  • Nonlegal Careers for Lawyers is an easy to read and use. It is written like a hands-on manual, allowing you to skip to sections you find helpful to your career search. In this book, authors Gary A. Munneke, William D. Henslee, and Ellen Wayne suggest that many skills attorneys build in law school, provide an upward boost in other non-legal professions. Divided in three parts, the first section focuses on how to find a non-legal profession. In the second part, the authors describe the most common non-legal career paths that lawyer’s chose. In browsing the final portion, you will find further resources to aid in your pursuit.
  • What Can You Do With A Law Degree is written by Deborah Arron, who quit her unfulfilling career as a civil attorney to find out why she, and others, were unhappy with their legal careers. Accordingly, her new profession as a public speaker and career consultant lead her to write this book, which will help you decide if you are better suited for law, or another vocation. Readers are guided through many steps of the job-finding process, including self-assessment, the steps to finding a new job, and how to decide when to change and cope with your transition.
  • Changing Jobs, published by the ABA, has a detailed table-of-contents, making it easy and quick to find assistance in your job hunt. This book offers insight and guidance from over 30 law and career planning specialists. Additionally, it provides workbook-like exercises to help you determine the right line of work. From explaining Jung’s theory of psychological types, to describing whole brain approaches in reaching career satisfaction, the reader comes to understand the psychology associated with finding the right career. Besides the psychological babble, looking through this book will be useful to find various techniques and strategies for an effective job search, how to network, or how the internet can aid in finding the job you want.
  • Breaking Traditions: Work Alternatives for Lawyers is a compilation of articles written by different authors, organized into seven sections, and describing the opportunity for change within and outside of your legal career. For those who wish to continue practicing law, but wanting to take a break, this book will guide you through reducing your hours, or taking leaves and sabbaticals. It also describes new roles within the traditional law office, and introduces alternatives to practicing in a large firm. For those considering a new career, this book will provide you with practical strategies for implementing change.