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Career Counsel
is a comprehensive career guide created by the S.C. Bar in an effort to provide relief for professionals and students in the legal field during times of economic slow down. Whether you use Career Counsel for job searching, interview tips, transitioning from law school to law firm or searching for alternate careers, you have come to the right place! Read the following scenarios and click on the one to which you most relate to find articles, books and even videos related to your particular situation and advice from professionals all around the country. Check back often as we will be adding additional resources.  To search current job listings on the Bar's Web site, click here.

 I completed law school and received my J.D. Now what do I do?

I was recruited for my first law firm job while I was still in law school and now I am getting ready to interview for a job at another firm. How should I prepare for my interview?

I graduated from college and then worked in another industry for a few years. I decided to go back to get my J.D. and now I am a lot older than most starting out in the legal profession. What are some tips for non-traditional law students transitioning into practicing law?

I just joined the firm and all the other the other attorneys have been here for years. What do I need to know about the structure of law firms and how the mentoring process works?

I am currently searching for a position after practicing law for a few years. In the meantime I need to do some temporary work. What kind of contract work can I do with a J.D.?

I am surrounded by all male associates all day! I am the only woman in my firm. I am considering opening my own practice. As a woman, what issues do I need to consider?

I have been practicing law for a few years and still have not found my niche. I think I could be practicing in the wrong area of law. What are some types of law that I may have not thought about?

I am not interested in changing my practice focus--I want to find a completely different career! What are some alternate career paths for professionals with a J.D.?

Business is really slow lately. I am struggling finding clients to represent. How can I use my networking skills to garner new clients?

I am up to my neck in student loans and bills. With the market the way it is right now, I just can't see how I am ever going to pay back these loans. What kind of programs exist that may be helpful to me?

I was with a firm for 10 years, but because of the financial crisis I was let go. I have a family to take care of and bills to pay, but I am having so much trouble finding another job. How do I cope with all of this?

Help! I can't relate to any of the above scenarios. How can Career Counsel help me?

Suddenly Solo?
Click here to read Law Practice Today's July 2009 issue, Suddenly Solo. The issue features tips on marketing, "lean" legal technology and Web resources for lawyers who find themselves going solo.

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