Probate Court Pilot Mediation Program
The idea for Mediation in Probate Court was conceived by SC Bar and implemented by the S.C. Supreme Court in response to:
  • a desire to protect the well being of vulnerable citizens
  • a desire to provide families with the kind of help, both short and long term, that a court of law is not equipped to provide
  • a desire to provide a private and confidential forum for parties to fully express their concerns
  • a desire to ease the litigation burden on the Probate Courts both now, and in the future. As our population ages, case loads are expected to escalate. Local funding for our Probate Court System is not expected to keep pace with this increasing demand.
  • a desire to minimize cost, time, and inconvenience to litigants
Critical to the success of this program is data collection. In this regard, participants are asked to complete a simple evaluation form at the conclusion of the case. From these responses, a final comprehensive report will be generated, assessing the success of the program. 
This online program was designed by the SC Bar to make the collection of this data easy and convenient for the participants.
If you prefer not to enter the data directly, you may e-mail your report to Judge Debora Faulkner at, you may fax it to her at 864-467-7198; or, you may mail it to her office. Judge Debora Faulkner, Suite 1200, 301 University Ridge, Greenville, SC 29609.
If you need to provide confirmation of the report, please note this on the report. Judge Faulkner will notify the appropriate office for you.
On behalf of Judge Faulkner and the ADR Commission, thank you for taking the time to complet the report. Your input is invaluable to the success of the program. 
Thank you for your interest and participation in the Probate Court Pilot Mediation Program.
Registration for Participation
If you would like to register your county for the pilot project please send your county name, county contact person, address, phone number and e-mail address to
Participating Counties
List of counties currently participating in the pilot project.
Certified Mediators
Database of certified mediators. Search for mediators in your respective county.

Sample Mediation Order

S.C. Probate Code - Title 62
Below is a letter that you may send to mediation participants explaining how to log onto the website to fill out all necessary survey forms.