Resources Listed By Unit

We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution 
Internet sites for We the People Student Text
Unit One           What is government?
Lesson 1            Why do we need a government?
                            Biography of John Locke
                            Mayflower Compact
                            Ancient Greece
Lesson 2            What is republican government?
                            Roman Republic Constitution

Lesson 3            What is constitutional government?
                            Constitutional government
                            This site includes full text versions of many documents
                            and articles relating to political philosophy, including
                            the works of Aristotle, Plato, Thomas Hobbes, etc�
Lesson 4            Preventing abuse of power
                            The White House                            
                            United States Congress
                            Supreme Court of the United States  
Unit Two        What experiences shaped the Founder�s thinking about government?
Lesson 5            How were the Americans influenced by their English background?
                            Magna Carta
                            The British Monarchy
                            Houses of Parliament
Lesson 6            What experiences led to the American Revolution
                            The Road to Revolution-PBS special (Includes an online
                            American Revolution from About: The Human Internet
Lesson 7            What basic ideas about government were in the Declaration of Independence?
                            Special exhibit on the Declaration of Independence
Lesson 8            How did the states govern themselves after the Revolution?
                            Text of some early state constitutions
Lesson 9            What were Americans like in the 1780's?
                            Life in colonial America
                            Early expansion (1790-1815)
Lesson 10          Why did the Founders think a new constitution was needed?
                            Shays' Rebellion Website
                            Articles of Confederation
                            The Northwest Ordinance
                            Max Farrand�s The Record�s of the Federal Convention
                            of 1787
Unit Three          What happened at the Philadelphia Convention?
                            Lesson plan from Mt. Vernon about George Washington
                            (5th grade level)
                            Creation of the Constitution
                            Biography of George Mason
                            Constitution Day from NARA (includes pictures and lessons )
Unit Four            How was the Constitution used to establish our government?
Unit Five            How does the Constitution protect our basic rights?
Lessons 23-27       Bill of Rights (full text) from National Archives
                            Bill of Rights exhibit from National Archives
                            National Constitution Center
Unit Six              What are the responsibilities of citizens?
Lessons 28-29       The Character Education Partnership
                            The Civic Mind (includes lesson plans)