Weapons and Guns
What are deadly weapons?
A deadly weapon is any firearm or other item that is designed for the purpose of causing death. Also, if a weapon is not designed to be deadly but the manner by which it is used would cause death, it is considered a deadly weapon.
Can I own a gun?
It is illegal to own a pistol or handgun until you turn 21. It is illegal for anyone, other than military personnel, to possess a sawed-off shotgun, altered rifle or machine gun.
S. C. Code Section 16-23-30 and Title 23, Chapter 31, Article 5  
Can I bring a gun or weapon to school, even if I am not going to use it?
Absolutely not. You can't even keep it in your car or locker. It is a felony under South Carolina law for anyone except state, county or municipal law-enforcement officers or personnel authorized by school officials to carry, while on school property: a knife, blackjack, metal pipe or pole, firearm or any other type of weapon or device that may be used to inflict bodily injury.
Penalty: Up to $1,000 and five years. In addition, the arresting officer may confiscate any weapon. A student caught bringing a firearm to school will be expelled from school for at least one year.
S.C. Sections 16-23-430 and 59-63-235
Can I get in trouble for playing with a gun that isn't loaded?
Yes. Even if you legally possess a gun, pointing it at someone is against the law even if it isn't loaded. You can be sent to jail for up to five years and fined by the court.
S.C. Sections 16-23-420
Are there laws about fireworks?
Even though fireworks are legal in South Carolina, there are several laws that apply to them. For instance, it is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under 14 unless he or she is with a parent. You cannot set off fireworks within 600 feet of a school, hospital or church, or within 75 feet of a fireworks store or stand. Additionally, it is illegal to fire fireworks from or at any car or near a gas station.
Fireworks are not allowed to be sold in all cities and counties. Also, some cities have their own laws affecting where fireworks may be set off, if at all. Be sure to know local laws where you live before playing with fireworks.
S.C. Code Sections 23-35-10 to 23-35-170