This training was initially offered as a pilot training to determine its effectiveness in the teaching community. Upon completion of the pilot training, it was determined that the training was in great demand by all teachers new and experienced in the public school setting.  Teachers had experienced minimal informational meetings at their school districts and were extremely appreciative of the wealth of information provided. Since the pilot training, the information was expanded over three days per the request of the attendees to provide more in-depth information on each subject area.

Comments from teacher attendees include:

"The notebook provided helped tremendously when it came to following the topics being presented.  All were exceptionally presented."

"Excellent program.  One of the best and most useful I have attended."

"Format and presentation were easy to understand.  I enjoyed the conference and will definitely be able to use information obtained and will recommend to other teachers.  This would be a wonderful opportunity for any teacher.  Thanks!"

"The training was one that all teachers and administrators could benefit from.  The wealth of information given and the knowledge gained were so worth the drive and the time.  Thank you for the invaluable experience."

"I was pleasantly surprised that the presenters didn't use "legalese" in explaining the laws.  I'm very impressed by their excellent delivery."



An annual three-day training is provided in the summer at no cost per attendee.

Each training day includes light snacks and a catered lunch at no cost per attendee.

Should attendees want to attend two or three consecutive training days, complimentary lodging is provided for the night(s) that falls between the training days.

Ample free materials are available for each attendee.

Teachers can register for this training beginning in February of each year.

Teachers can receive training catalog information via the teacher list serv.  To join the list serve, e-mail a request to