LRE Technology for Teachers

Law Related Education is pleased to announce the creation and kickoff of a new class focusing on all the law related education electronic resources available to teachers!  Since the beginning of the dot com era, a myriad of web-based trainings and programs have been created across the nation.  Many of these efforts have produced excellent results.  The only problem is they have all been disconnected and sometimes hard to even find.  In this new, one-day training, LRE seeks to bring you the best of the best in both state and national civics web based resources.  This includes programs such as Law for Teachers,, iCivics, Law For Young Adults, the SCETV guided lessons, and many more.

To request more information or to register for a training, please see the 2015 Training Catalog, or contact the LRE Division at 803-252-5139 or email